I said let’s finish it well..” Can Kim Min-sik, who floats due to ‘Gocheok Firing, T’, operate Plan B

A big inflection point has been created on the negotiation table between SSG Landers and internal FA catcher Kim Min-sik. This is why the SSG club recruited FA catcher Lee Ji-young through sign-and-trade. Kim Min-sik is in a situation where the atmosphere of the negotiation table has completely changed, and he has to operate Plan B. What solutions can Kim Min-sik find.헤라카지노

The SSG club officially announced on Jan. 12 that it had acquired catcher Lee Ji-young in a trade with the Kiwoom Heroes on the condition of 250 million won in cash and the right to appoint a rookie in the third round in 2025.

Kiwoom club also said on the same day, “After signing a two-year FA contract with Lee Ji-young, who is a free agent (FA), for a total of 400 million won (350 million won per year, 50 million won option) for a two-year contract, we traded with SSG club on the condition of receiving 250 million won and the right to select the third round of the rookie draft in 2025.”

SSG sought the trade to reinforce the catcher’s staff and stabilize the pitching staff. Lee has abundant experience as a catcher by playing in 1,270 games, and possesses excellent batting ability as a batter with a batting average of 0.280 with 942 hits and 368 RBIs.

In particular, Lee Ji-young is known to be a durable and steady player, playing around 100 games every year since 2013.

Lee Ji-young joined the Samsung Lions in 2008 as a developing player and has since grown into the team’s main player, helping him win three Korean Series titles. He moved to the Kiwoom Heroes in 2020 and gained a lot of experience by leading the team as a starting catcher.

Lee Ji-young, who joined the SSG club, said, “First of all, I thank SSG for recognizing my value, and it is meaningful to play in my hometown, Incheon. As much as you trusted me and recruited me, I will do my best to ensure that SSG performs well this season. I will contribute a lot to the team’s victory this season and try to become a player loved by the fans. Lastly, I thank the Kiwoom Heroes fans who showed a lot of love,” he said.

Kim Min-sik, who had been continuing his internal FA negotiation table with SSG due to the news of “Gocheok-Balsa-T,” appeared to be on the rise. Kim Min-sik came out of the FA market this winter and was negotiating with an emphasis on remaining in the SSG club.

The SSG club continued to negotiate with Kim Min-sik with the opening of the FA market. The gap between the two sides continued from the beginning of the negotiations. There was also an atmosphere of narrowing gradually, but the period of stagnation in negotiations was somewhat long.

SSG presented the revised terms of the contract to Kim Min-sik at the end of last year. Kim Min-sik’s side delivered feedback on the team’s terms of the contract in early January after a long period of consideration. However, SSG recently expressed its intention to “overpay” over the terms of the contract proposed by Kim Min-sik.

An SSG official said on Jan. 9, “There is still a gap between the two sides. The terms of the amount given by the players still differ greatly from what our club thinks. We also need to consider the changes from when we proposed a multi-year contract a year ago. We were also taking risks back then, but now the players are out in the FA market, don’t you think? We are not going to overpay. However, the negotiations have not broken down, but we want to continue waiting for the player’s feedback. I hope our club will also end the negotiations as soon as possible,” he said.

Kim Min-sik strongly expressed his desire to narrow the gap in the guaranteed amount. “Regardless of the results of the negotiations, it is regrettable that there is a public opinion that Kim Min-sik is being overly greedy. We believe that there is a slight difference in opinion from each other and that there is still room for coordination. Anyway, the two sides have to continue to work to stay, so I hope there is no misunderstanding in that regard, and I sincerely hope that Kim Min-sik is wearing a mask for the starting SSG home opener in the 2024 season,” he stressed.

However, SSG has reportedly shown more interest in recruiting Lee Ji-young, rather than Kim Min-sik and Lee Min-sik at the negotiation table. Kim Jae-hyun, the new head of SSG, was also not directly involved in the negotiation table with Kim Min-sik. Kim Min-sik seemed embarrassed by the sudden announcement of the signing and trade news.

After the announcement of Lee Ji-young’s recruitment, Kim Min-sik said, “As I handed over our proposal in the first week of January, I expressed my desire to complete the contract well with SSG Landers. I heard that the team’s negotiating staff asked for time to think, but I am embarrassed that this situation suddenly happened.”

SSG has announced that it will not completely close the negotiation table with Kim Min-sik by recruiting Lee Ji-young. However, chances are high that the terms, which have been significantly reduced than those proposed by the club, will be delivered in the next round of negotiations. As a result, it is time for Kim Min-sik to also implement Plan B.

The problem is that this winter’s FA market is a very harsh environment for small and medium-sized FA players. Most of the clubs always put their wallets on the grounds of salary caps. It is not an atmosphere to easily recruit outside FA.

However, the demand for veteran catchers can come out at any time. There is a possibility that even if the contract is delayed until the spring camp departure is imminent, the situation can be waited as long as possible. The key is the contract reference point that SSG clubs will revise and present in the future. Other clubs are expected to beat the calculator for recruiting Kim Min-sik in line with that standard. Attention is focusing on what solutions Kim Min-sik, who has been blocked for a moment, will find to complete his first FA contract.

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