Dragusin is perfect for Tottenham, too! “He likes soccer with a high line and plenty of room to defend.”

Tottenham Hotspur has a central defender who is clearly palatable. Radu Dragusin (22) claimed to be perfect for Tottenham’s style.

Tottenham has signed a contract with Dragusin. On Wednesday (Korea Standard Time), they announced on their website that they signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with Dragusin until 2030. Although the transfer fee is not officially disclosed, it seems to be around 30 million euros.월카지노도메인

Before the official announcement, Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, said, “Tottenham offered a new transfer fee of 30 million euros to Genoah to recruit Dragusin. The initial offer was 25 million euros, but we concluded the negotiation by meeting the amount that Genoah wanted.” For Tottenham, 30 million euros is not too much. Genoah also signed a negotiation that made a significant profit after investing 5.5 million euros (about 8 billion won) by fully recruiting Dragusin.

“After hearing interest from Tottenham, I decided to join the club. It was a choice that I considered everything, and I decided that it was the best stage of my career,” Dragusin said in an interview with the club. “I know that Tottenham has a huge fan base. Both the staff and players are at a tremendous level, so I looked forward to coming to Tottenham. It’s an unexpected decision, but it’s really amazing, and I want to get to know everyone as soon as possible.”

Tottenham is actively moving in the winter transfer market. Not only did it generate various rumors as soon as the door opened, but it is also accelerating its pace by securing first and second recruitment in succession. In order to replace Son Heung-min, who was away from Tottenham Hotspur in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, Timo Werner was brought in from RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga. Now, Dragusin, who played for Genoah in the Italian Serie A, has been acquired to reinforce his defense.

What’s interesting is that Dragousin chose Tottenham. Tottenham contacted Dragousin early on under the approval of Ange Postecoglou. It is true that they were ahead of the recruitment match. However, things seemed to change with the addition of Bayern Munich, the best club in Europe. Bayern Munich lured Dragousin by making a clear promise in terms of fame, possibility of winning the title, and salary beyond Tottenham.

Bayern Munich was confident of an interception. Sky Sports Germany reporter Florian Plattenberg, who is fluent in Bayern Munich, actively announced the recruitment of Dragusin. According to him, Bayern Munich also made an official offer to Dragusin, offering a basic transfer fee of 23 million euros and a viable option of 7.5 million euros. It was a proposal to pay a maximum of 30.5 million euros.

“Bayern Munich is making an attempt to intercept Dragusin. I am very confident in recruiting him,” Plattenberg said. Bayern Munich is a latecomer in the race to recruit Dragusin. Even if it has entered the league belatedly, it is banking on the confidence of the world’s best team that can seek to win the UEFA Champions League as well as the Bundesliga in Germany.”

What I was sure that Bayern Munich would do a hijacking is its mindset. Bayern Munich was also in a hurry when it came to recruiting Dragusin. Bayern Munich rushed to Dragusin to replace its “monster defender” Kim Min-jae. This season, Bayern Munich formed a defense team and decided to assign Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, and Mathias the Licht as center backs. Professional center backs generally need to double when using four-back tactics. Basically, they added only Darek Bouch, a promising player, to match the four center backs.

Coach Thomas Tuchel said, “If there are three world class center backs including Kim Min-jae, we will be able to play a full season.” He largely overlooked the injury variable. As The Licht was injured in an A-match last summer, he could not regain his form until the opening of the season. Naturally, he was pushed out of the competition to become the starting player, and Kim Min-jae and Upamecano were appointed as the center fielder. Under these circumstances, The Licht’s rehabilitation was delayed and As Upamecano suffered from minor injuries, only Kim Min-jae was the only center defender who was fine.

Kim Min-jae, who was not provided with rotation, continued to run. On top of that, he had to travel long distances to Korea for the A-match, which resulted in exhaustion of his physical strength. Kim Min-jae overcame the crisis with his personal skills. Sometimes he made mistakes that revealed his lack of concentration and stamina, but Tuchel expressed his trust. Kim Min-jae also worked hard to complete the first half of the season perfectly.

Seeing the monstrous Kim Min-jae struggling, Bayern Munich decided to reinforce its center back. The intention was to immediately recruit a sense of power in the winter to ease the burden on Kim Min-jae’s participation in the Asian Cup in Qatar to some extent. Moreover, Kim Min-jae will be absent for a long time due to his participation in the Asian Cup in Qatar in January. In the absence of Kim Min-jae, he needed a card to play in every situation by competing with The Licht and Upamecano.

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