Daegu FC recruited six more rookie players to join in the 2024 season!

Daegu FC recruited six more rookie players to share the 2024 season on the 12th.

Daegu has recruited rookie players Kim Min-seop (18), Park Se-min (21), Kim Hyun-joon (21), Kim Jung-hyun (23), Kim Min-young (23), and Lim Ji-min (21). They are also dreaming of making their debut in the K-League 1 while energizing Daegu FC B, which has been promoted to the K3 League.랭크카지노도메인

Kim Min-seop (midfielder) is excellent in breaking through aggressive dribbling and de-pressure in the midfield. Park Se-min (striker) is advantageous in penetration based on fast speed and sharp shooting.

Kim Hyun-joon (defender) has excellent personal defense and has a sophisticated footstep, while Kim Jung-hyun (midfielder) has a strong amount of activity and stable defense.

Kim Min-young (attacker) is advantageous in that he creates a goal by penetrating the back space using his fast feet. Lim Ji-min (defender) is good at connecting play with teammates and sharp crosses through active movements.

Kim Min-seop, who wore the Daegu uniform, said, “As a rookie, I want to say hello to the fans in a passionate way,” adding, “I will be a player who helps Daegu by taking advantage of my strengths.”

Meanwhile, Daegu FC will join the K3 League for the first time as a professional team including the K3 League 1 in the 2024 season. Daegu has beefed up its squad by recruiting additional rookie players at a time when growth and leap forward are needed. The rookie players will join the off-season training site in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, where the Daegu FC B team is training on Friday, and play with existing players.

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