2 tickets – 3 challenger teams, 2nd half of the year that will be fierce

The women’s professional basketball team, which finished its first half of the season on Dec. 31 last year, will start its second half of the season from the 13th after finishing its two-week All-Star break. While KB Stars of Park Ji-soo, Kang Yi-seul, and Woori Bank Woori WON of Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun ranked first and second by a half-game, the two teams will form a “complete body” team with Kim Ye-jin and Park Hye-jin, who struggled with injuries in the first half of the season, returning in the second half, respectively. Therefore, unless something big happens, the lead competition between the two teams is expected to continue in the second half.라바카지노도메인

On the other hand, Shinhan Bank’s S-Bird, which finished the first half with 2 wins and 14 losses, is not easy to aim for the last place in the second half. Ace Kim Sonia is struggling throughout the offense and defense, including second place in scoring (18.20 points), third place in rebound (9.13), second place in three-point shots (32) and fifth place in steals (1.27), but it is regrettable that Jinyoung Kim, who performed well with two options last season, is sluggish. Shinhan Bank is looking forward to center Kim Tae-yeon’s return, but it is difficult to leave Kim Tae-yeon, who has a chronic poor knee, with a long playing time.

As the upper and lower ranks are solidifying, the mid-range competition between Samsung Life Blooming’s, Hana One Q, and BNK Sum will lead the interest of women’s professional basketball in the second half. In particular, one of the three teams will have to suffer from elimination of spring basketball because they will be given playoff tickets up to the fourth place. Which two teams will survive the competition in the second half of the year and advance to the playoff stage in the spring when the cold gets a little warmer.

Samsung Life Insurance, which entered the spring basketball league last season by ranking third with 16 wins and 14 losses, finished its first half of the season by securing a winning percentage of 50 percent with eight wins and eight losses. While Lee Hae-ran, who is entering his third professional season, has rapidly emerged as a new ace of Samsung Life with 13.79 points and 7.21 rebounds, Shin E-seul has also established himself as the starting point guard. On top of that, it was very welcome for Samsung Life Insurance that Lee Ju-yeon, who finished the season early last season due to a knee injury, returned to good health.

Manager Lim Geun-bae, however, will not be able to be satisfied with Samsung Life Insurance’s performance in the first half. As the success rate of his three-point shooting dropped sharply from 36.7 percent last season to 23.6 percent this season, shooter Kang Yoo-rim was not a big threat to his opponent. Bae Hye-yoon, the eldest sister and ace in the team, also suffered from a knee injury, and displayed less dominance on the court than last season. Samsung Life Insurance grabbed the “huge KB” on Dec. 18 last year, but its performance was so unstable that it dedicated the victory to the bottom-ranked Shinhan Bank on Christmas Eve.

In order for Samsung Life Insurance to seek its seventh championship of the championship by making waves in spring basketball like the 2020-2021 season, it needs to solidify its position as a clear third place after KB and Woori Bank in the second half of the year. In fact, Samsung Life is considered the most widely utilized club among the six WKBL teams. In particular, the players of the guard staff overwhelm other clubs. If each club adjusts physical strength while properly employing players in the second half of the year, it can lead to more advantage in the second half.

In particular, if Keana Smith, who had four points and 1.14 assists in seven games in the first half, and Yoon Ye-bin, who had five points, two rebounds and 1.25 assists in four games, join in the second half, Samsung Life Insurance’s power will be stronger. Smith has certain strengths in assembling the game and outside shots, and Yoon Ye-bin has certain strengths in defense, so if the two players play well on the court, coach Lim Geun-bae can use four to five guard resources evenly depending on the flow of the game and the situation.

Hana One Q, which finished the first half by ranking fourth with six wins and 10 losses, had a rough time in the first half. Hana One Q, which had one win and five losses in its first six games including four consecutive losses in the opening, successfully reversed the mood by posting four wins and one loss including three consecutive wins in the next five games. However, Hana One Q failed to continue its upward trend and only posted one win and four losses again in the last five games of the first half. Notably, the team had mixed rankings in the first half as it suffered back-to-back losses to third-ranked Samsung Life Insurance in the last two games of the first half.

In Hana OneQ, Jihyun Shin played an ace role with 13.19 points, 3.13 rebounds, and 3.75 assists with a success rate of 38.7% and Yang In-young, the center with 12.06 points and 7.13 rebounds, also observed. Kim Jong-un, the eldest sister who returned to her former team for the first time in six years since 2017, also served as a mental supporter by leading her younger siblings on and off the court, and Jung Ye-rim, who was selected as an All-Star for the first time since her debut this season, is also growing into an indispensable player in Hana OneQ.

Although individual players showed remarkable performance, Hana One Q still ended the first half with four games short of a win rate of 50 percent. Despite the addition of experienced player Kim Jong Un, Hana One Q still has a strong image as a team that fails to overcome hardships in the second half of the game. This means that the team is scary when riding an upward trend but can easily fall into a recession. Therefore, the team needs to be more determined and harshly push the opponent in the second half.

Hana One Q has not advanced to the playoffs in the past 11 seasons since it acquired Shinsegae Cool Cat in 2012. The 2015-2016 season, which was the runner-up, was forfeited in all games due to the “Chelsea Lee crisis,” and the season ended early in the 2019-2020 season, when it was ranked third in the regular league, due to COVID-19. Therefore, for Hana One Q, which finished the first half of the season in the fourth place in the regular league, this season is a golden opportunity to challenge for the first time since taking over the club.

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