Can’t Franco enter the U.S. like Kang Jung-ho? U.S. immigration attorney said, “The U.S. Department of State is likely to refuse to enter Franco because it has inappropriate relationships with underage girls.”

Kang was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation for drunk driving in Korea.

As a result, he was denied a U.S. visa and could not play for the Pittsburgh Pirates in one season.

However, I was able to get a work visa and go to the U.S. after that.

The Tampa Bay Times reported on the 10th (Korean time) that Wander Franco, who is suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor girl, may also be unable to enter the United States.

As Franco is currently charged with sexual and mental abuse, the U.S. State Department is likely to deny him entry.

Franco was released on $34,000 bail with a promise to visit the court every month for six months.

A Dominican Republic judge reportedly dismissed charges of money laundering and commercial exploitation of minors against Franco. He is currently charged with sexual abuse of minors, aggravated felonies, seduction and kidnapping.헤라카지노

“Although he has not yet been formally charged with a crime, Franco faces a major obstacle to his return to the U.S., according to a former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement prosecutor who is currently working as a personal lawyer,” the Tampa Bay Times said. “He said, ‘It will be very difficult for him to return to the U.S. unless all of these charges are confirmed to be untrue. His visa will not be approved for some time.’

The lawyer also said, “Franco has a five-year P-1A athlete visa that is granted to professional athletes in the U.S. However, Franco is on administrative leave and will not be playing the last month of the 2023 season, so it will be hard for him to prove that he has to be in the U.S..”

It continued, “Foreign citizens must demonstrate that they are allowed to enter the United States. The government may deny entry to foreigners if it deems that there is a reasonable basis. The State Department’s decision generally cannot be appealed in the judicial system.”

If Franco fails to return to the United States, he will also suffer millions of dollars in financial losses.

If he fails to play in spring camp or even the Rays’ season opener on March 29, Tampa Bay will have to put Franco on the restricted list. If that happens, he will no longer be paid.

Shortly after the allegations first became public in August last year, Franco was placed on administrative leave under the MLB and the players’ union’s joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policies. However, Franco continued to be paid.

Franco reportedly stayed in Florida until last month and returned to the Dominican Republic.

He was detained on January 2 after failing to respond to two summonses as part of the investigation.

He and the minor’s mother appeared in court on charges of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering, when Judge Henriquez decided there was not enough evidence to charge Franco. The judge decided Franco could only be charged with sexual abuse, seduction, and kidnapping of minors.

Authorities are expected to decide whether to indict Franco officially within six months.

Franco signed an 11-year contract worth $182 million in November 2021. He was batting .281 with 17 homers and 58 RBIs before being placed on administrative leave.

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