Ko Woo-suk does not conclude that he is a “big leaguer.”

Ko Woo-seok (26, San Diego Padres) is at the starting line for entering the U.S. Major League Baseball. He is determined not to relax until that day on the big league mound.헤라카지노주소

Ko Woo-seok returned home on the 6th through Incheon International Airport after signing a contract with San Diego. After suddenly moving to the U.S. last week, he signed with San Diego on the 4th for a two-year total of $4.5 million (W5.9 billion). When all the options according to grades are filled, the contract period will be extended to three years, and the total number of reserves will rise to $9.4 million (W12.4 billion).

The situation was so urgent that the contract was signed just before the deadline for posting negotiations. “I was worried because there was not much time left until the deadline,” Ko said. “The contract was signed just seven minutes before the deadline (of April 4 negotiations). I was relieved then.”

As soon as Ko started playing baseball in elementary school, he had a dream of entering the U.S. He achieved his dream that he kept in his heart for more than 20 years, but he is not excited or happy. He is determined to overcome the many mountains before him.

“Actually, I don’t really feel that I entered the Major League because I haven’t made my first appearance yet. It’s a position where I have to compete, so if I overcome it and enter the roster, I think I’ll feel real,” Ko said. Despite the fact that he is highly likely to make his MLB debut on the opening series of Seoul (March 20-21), he said, “I’m still in a hurry to say that I’m a Major Leaguer. I’ll build up my body and play my first game in Seoul.” San Diego will play the opening game of the MLB regular season at Gocheok Dome against the Los Angeles Dodgers, which includes Shohei Ohtani.

Because San Diego’s bullpen is weak, Ko Woo-seok is expected to have a chance to enter the big league. However, we cannot be optimistic. There are not many cases where Asian bullpen pitchers have successfully entered MLB, and competition within the team is not as easy as it is.

Roberto Suarez, 33, the younger brother of Albert Suarez, a former Samsung Lions player, has posted 9 wins, 4 losses and 19 holds with an ERA of 2.99 over the past two years while playing for the San Diego Padres. However, he has garnered just one save from seven saves opportunities. Yuki Matsui, 29, has recorded 236 saves in the Japanese pro baseball league. However, he is the same as a rookie of the Major League Baseball who will make his big league debut next season.

On the other hand, Ko has 139 saves in his career in the KBO League, and he is younger than them. He also has fastball speed that works well in the big leagues. “I need to think that I can win against (MLB) batters while playing exhibition games,” Ko stressed.

Ko has already begun to harden himself. After finishing training at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday when he departed for the U.S., he headed to the airport. He reportedly continued simple training even after signing the contract at Petco Park, his home stadium in San Diego. He came to Jamsil Stadium to train early in the morning on the day of his wedding ceremony last year, and he did the same during his honeymoon period. “I am not a major leaguer yet. I think I can call myself a real major leaguer only when I show my ability,” he said.

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