KBO MVP’s Appreciation for Leaving in Tears… “Korea was a great place, it’s hard to compare the atmosphere”

As he was about to say goodbye to a foreign player, he shed tears over the sincerity of his teammates who cheered for him. Colleagues wished Lee success from the bottom of their hearts, and all NC fans felt the same way. His performances during the past season in Korea were beautiful, and he did so until the very end.

Eric Peddy of the Chicago White Sox, who joined the NC Dinosaurs as a foreign pitcher last year and had a historic season, returned to the Major League after the 2023 season. At the end of the season, many Major League teams offered to recruit him, and he signed a two-year, 15-million-dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox in consideration of conditions and competitive environment, and confirmed his return. As a failed prospect in the Major League, Peddy got another chance.헤라카지노

In fact, he was a hot topic of conversation since he joined the team. No matter how low it was, he was close to a full-time Major League starting pitcher until the previous season. Peddy, who entered the Major League after being drafted by Washington in the first round (18th overall) in 2014, was spotlighted as a promising starting pitcher for his team. Everything went smoothly until his Major League debut in 2017. In 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic ended, he also had the opportunity to start full-time.

However, he failed to take full advantage of his two-year starting opportunity. He played in 56 games (54 starts), but ended up with 13 wins and 22 losses with a 5.64 ERA. Consequently, the Washington D.C. has decided to end his long-cherished relationship with the promising pitcher. He was released after the 2022 season, and surprisingly, Peddy chose Korea. Peddy, who thoroughly prepared for the off-season, showed off his skills and skills without regret. Perhaps, it was possible because Korea guaranteed a stable starting opportunity.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on the 7th (Korea Standard Time), Peddy talked calmly about the renovation process from 2022 to 2023 and life in Korea. Peddy recalled a year ago, “I knew I had to change in a few things. I wasn’t achieving the success I wanted. I moved to Arizona and went to training facilities and pitching labs to improve my performance. They brought me some physiotherapists to fix my mood and create a new repertoire while also managing my health.”

Peddy recalled in an interview that he had overhauled his pitching repertoire to maximize his strengths during the period. He saw how the sweeper, which moved more horizontally with the slider deformation, gained popularity in the Major League and honed the sweeper. “I also checked the change-up again. Thanks to that, I was able to throw four pitches (sinker, cutter, sweeper, and change-up) when I went to Korea and I was able to achieve a lot of success,” Peddy said.

He didn’t forget to thank everyone, saying he would never forget his life in Korea. Anyway, he treated himself sincerely as a stranger. Pedi was also assimilated well into Korean culture and loved by fans. When asked about his experience in Korea, Pedi defined it as “amazing.”

Pedi said, “They treated me really well. The atmosphere with the crowd’s chants was incomparable to anything. It was a great place,” and added, “I wanted a place where I could throw a lot of innings and use and control my weapons. Korea was really a place to provide that for me,” and admitted that his satisfied life in Korea changed his life.

Now, Peddy is back in the Major League. It is a hot topic of conversation how a failed prospect will be able to show off in the Major League after a year of evolution in a foreign league. Depending on Peddy’s success, the Major League’s perception of the Asian league could change again. Peddy is confident. He is full of commitment to regain his footing in the Major League by driving his success momentum in Korea.

“I have no greater confidence than this. Now I’m going to inject that feeling into my future pitching in the Major League,” Peddy said. “I believe this success will work in the Major League as well. In my last year in Washington, D.C., I didn’t feel the way I do now. I feel stronger and healthier. My pitching speed is back. I have sharpness that I didn’t have before,” he said in expressing his commitment to deal with the upcoming season.

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