“The reason why I left Lotte…” Son Ah-seop’s honest reason in front of Lee Dae-ho

Son Ah-seop, who was reborn as a “striking body” with the NC Dinos. He was a batter centered on the Lotte Giants. After stepping into Lotte in 2007, he stayed at Lotte for 15 years until 2021. The following year, he left for lone NC. The fans were very disappointed. He also left in regret. Now, three years later, he has revealed the reason.헤라카지노

“Lotte is my hometown team. I have never left Busan for 35 years,” Son said in a YouTube video of Lee Dae-ho released on Sunday. “I went to Busan even when I was a student. My hometown is the same.”

Nevertheless, he explained that leaving Lotte was the difference in annual salary. “There is no need to lie, and the difference in the amount (which Lotte and NC suggested) was too big,” he said. “The annual salary is not everything, but for a professional baseball player, the annual salary is the value of the player.” He signed a four-year, 6.4 billion won contract with the NC Dinos in the 2021-2022 FA market. It is estimated that Lotte offered a much lower annual salary than this.

Son Ah-seop has won two awards for batting in the 2023 KBO League. He played in 140 games and recorded the batting average of 0.339 with 187 hits. He ranks first in batting average and the most hits. In terms of scoring capacity, he had the batting average of 0.339 (39 hits in 115 times at bat). Notably, he had the batting average of 0.636 (7 hits in 11 times at bat) when runners were on the second and third bases, which enabled him to be strong in chances. In recognition of this, he won the 2023 Sports Seoul Batter of the Year Award and the Golden Glove Award in the KBO Designated Batter category.

Lotte’s direction and Son’s direction were also different. “At the time, Lotte was trying to rebuild itself, so I thought I would have less room to stand on,” Son said. “My goal is to play every year, but I was worried that the number of games would decrease and it could take some platooning.”

“I couldn’t help but rule out the money part, but I thought a lot about how I could play more happily and wherever I was,” he said, expressing his honest feelings. “My batting average against left-handed pitchers was also very high, but I missed some games. I wanted to play as many games as possible.”

“Players shine when they are on the ground. I wanted to play every game,” Son said. “I can’t open up the atmosphere 100 percent at the time, but I chose a team (NC) that will play a lot of games. (NC) is a team that can play as much as it wants.”

Lee Dae-ho also agreed. “Players often see if the first team is a team that can trust me and keep me playing games,” Lee said. “That was the Lotte atmosphere at the time. I kept saying that I would raise my kids and change them. If it was Aseob, I should have gone.” Lee also had one year left before his retirement.

Son has been sluggish since moving to the club. He had no hit in 20 at-bats since the first game. “When I first moved to a different team, I felt the pressure was greater than I expected,” Son said. “I felt grateful to NC Dinos. I was grateful that coaching staff and coaches treated me well and my juniors approached me,” Son said. “I adjusted comfortably.”

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