Ko Woo-seok, who signed an MLB contract like a flash of lightning, said, “I hear relief before joy.”

Ko Woo-seok (25, San Diego Padres), who received the highest treatment ever among KBO league bullpen pitchers who entered the U.S. Major League Baseball through the posting system (closed competitive bidding), signed the contract and returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 6th.

At Incheon International Airport on this day, not a few baseball fans waited to see Ko Woo-suk even though it was early in the morning.헤라카지노

Ko Woo-seok, who proudly left the arrivals hall with a bag bearing the San Diego club logo, could not hide his tired look but did not lose his bright smile.

Ko Woo-seok, whose posting negotiations were due at 7 a.m. on the 4th in our time, rushed to the U.S. on the afternoon of the 3rd to sign the contract after receiving the final offer from the San Diego club.

Ko Woo-seok fought against time to the point where he said, “I was worried that the contract was signed seven minutes before (expiration), but after it was signed, I felt relieved rather than happy.”

I spent two nights on the plane, and I had only one day off at the San Diego hotel, so I had a hectic schedule of “one night and four days.”

In the meantime, he had a hectic time, going back and forth to the United States, signing the contract after a physical examination, and visiting Petco Park, his home stadium, to say hello to his fans.

Ko Woo-seok signed a contract that received a 2+1 year contract and a maximum of $9.4 million (about 12.3 billion won).

If you’re guaranteed $4 million for two years and the club executes the option based on your performance, you’ll get another $3 million for the third year.

At this time, if you meet all the conditions, you will receive an additional 2.4 million dollars.

If the club does not implement the option two years later, Ko Woo-suk will receive $500,000 in buyouts and become a free agent.

Ko Woo-suk is currently the most powerful closer in the KBO League.

He joined the LG Twins in 2017 after receiving the first nomination, leaving him with 19-26 losses, 139 saves and six holds with a 3.18 ERA in seven seasons until last year.

In 2022, he achieved the first 40 saves for LG players with 4 wins, 2 losses, 42 saves and an ERA of 1.48, and last year, he struggled with 3 wins, 8 losses, 15 saves and an ERA of 3.68 in the regular season in the aftermath of the injury, but helped LG win for the first time in 29 years in the Korean Series.

Having qualified for overseas expansion through the posting system at the end of last season, he challenged the MLB stage with the consent of the LG club.

The total amount of the contract fell somewhat short of the criteria set by the LG club to allow them to enter the big league, but the LG club accepted it for their dreams.

Ko Woo-seok said, “I applied for posting because I want to check my value,” adding, “I thank the LG club once again.”

San Diego expects him to be a closer.

Ko Woo-suk will compete with left-handed relief pitcher Yuki Matsui and right-handed fastball pitcher Roberto Suarez in the spring camp in Peoria, Arizona, in mid-February.

In response, Ko said, “I haven’t become a full Major Leaguer yet. I think I can talk about my job only when I overcome the competition in the spring camp.”

Ko Woo-seok, who returned home on the same day, will continue his personal training in Seoul for the time being, and will leave as soon as the paperwork is completed to move to the United States.

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