I can’t even play to get a transfer… Will I be the savior of the “champion” who is falling down

Transfer market expert Rudy Galetti said on his SNS on the 5th (Korea Standard Time), “Napoli is putting more effort into recruiting Sumare. After leaving Leicester City for Sevilla on loan, he did not play in the last match against Athletic Bilbao due to “transfer-related reasons.” Sevilla is willing to send Sumare, but I hope he will complete the recruitment of Lucien Agume for Inter Milan before that.”마카오토토

Sumare is a French midfielder. Based on her solid 188 centimeter physical strength, Sumare stands out in physical struggle and competition for provisional rights. Born in Africa, she has chewy movements and soft movements and is good at de-pressure by using dribbles. Her main position is defensive midfielder, but she also actively participates in offense and has good build-up skills.

He was a former youth of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He continued to grow through age groups, but failed to make his first team debut and moved to LOSC Lille in the 2017-18 season.

He made a powerful shot here. Debuting on the senior stage in the 2017-18 season, he became a starting member from the 2019-20 season and became one of the best three-term midfielders in the league, playing in 43 games including the Cup and posting two assists in the 2020-21 season.

Later, he headed to England. Leicester City, which won the title like a fairy tale, is the hero. Sumareh continued to gain experience by posting one assist in 59 matches during the two seasons at Leicester City.

Ahead of this season, he left for Sevilla on loan. He judged that it would be more appropriate to gain experience in a higher league rather than playing in the secondary league. He quickly established himself in Sevilla and has played in 15 games including the Cup.

Against this backdrop, Napoli was on the radar. Napoli, which won the Italian Serie A title last season, has been struggling to avoid a slump, ranking eighth in the league this season. Recently, as players who helped win the title are continuously involved in transfer rumors, a crisis is continuing, and Sumaree is trying to correct the chaotic atmosphere through recruitment.

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