Kim Sun-bin Remains in KIA, Seo Geon-chang One option is gone… Stop at 1365 hits, now let’s hold the hands of the heroes

FA Kim Sun-bin (35)’s remaining in the KIA Tigers also has this meaning. Seo Geon-chang (35) of the biggest fish in the emitter market has one less option.

Kim Sun-bin signed a second FA contract with KIA for three years and 3 billion won on the 4th. They negotiated a marathon, but KIA and Kim Sun-bin had little intention of separating in the first place. KIA guaranteed three years at this point, but it has been looking at it since then.헤라카지노

How would Seo expect Kim to stay in the Kia Tigers with 1,365 hits? What is clear is that one of his options is gone. Seo requested the LG Twins to release him after the 2023 season, and expressed his willingness to start anew at other clubs. He was contacted by Kiwoom Heroes, his second home, right after LG’s release, but he did not give any answer at this point in more than a month.

Kiwoom has interpreted it as a “wrong rejection.” However, the idea that Seo is always welcome when he makes a decision remains the same. Seo is not in a position to cover up the hot and cold meals that have been delayed for the past three to four years. However, chances are important for Seo, but he might not be able to do so at his second parents’ home where Kim Hye-sung and Choi Joo-hwan put up with it.

A player’s natural feeling is that he wants to go to a team where he can play a lot. It is also understood that Kiwoom’s love call is not easily accepted. After all, looking at the current status of second baseman in 10 clubs, it is unclear whether Lotte Giants or SSG Landers are available. However, if these teams are lukewarm toward Seo at this point, they should be interpreted as having different plans.

As a result, there have been constant rumors in the industry that Seo could be a “plan B to C” for Kia Tigers from his hometown. If Kim Sun-bin is transferred, there was a need to reinforce the center field. However, Kia’s top priority was staying with Kim right after the FA market opened. Reportedly, Kia did not consider recruiting players from outside.

In reality, Kiwoom is the only option for Seo Geon-chang. It’s a frustrating situation for Seo Geon-chang, but this is a cold reality. It’s not a brief slump in the year, but it’s right that the value has fallen because it’s been bad for more than two to three years. The 201-hit MVP is really an honor of the past.

What if Seo Geon-chang makes a decision and rejoins Kiwoom? It is difficult for any team to play as a main player, and Kiwoom also has a possibility that Kim Hye-sung will go to the Major League after this season. If so, the probability of survival could increase, with Choi Joo-hwan coexisting in 2025.

Above all, Kiwoom has manager Hong Won-ki who knows him as well as LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop. And there is a front desk that still knows the traces of his good days in Mokdong and holds them as data. Seo Geon-chang only has to make a decision. It is also thankful for Seo Geon-chang to have a team that waits this long.

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