“An open kiss at a luxury party with a 21-year-old sexy girl.” Neymar, you’re really out of your mind, aren’t you?

Neymar, who is recovering from a fatal knee injury, is also suffering from party disease. According to The Sun on Sunday, Neymar boarded the luxury cruise ship MSC cruise ship carrying thousands of people in Brazil and had a lavish party for three days. The three-day tour will take place from his hometown of Santos to Rio and come back again.랭크카지노주소

Neymar invited all his family members and friends to the cruise ship to enjoy the party. Tickets for the three-day cruise are reportedly 6,000 euros (8.57 million won). Neymar also invited famous Brazilian singers and celebrities to the party on board.

Social media revealed the true nature of Neymar. Cela López (21), a famous Brazilian celebrity, posted a photo of herself kissing Neymar on the ship on her social media. It shows a drunken Neymar kissing López on the cheek. Neymar’s hand touched her chest. López is smiling as if she doesn’t like him.

López is Brazil’s top celebrity, with 1.2 million SNS followers. She is famous for having friends with many celebrities in Brazil. She is popular for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and slim and sexy body.

Wearing a uniform for the Chicago Bulls, Neymar is wearing various jewelry, including a necklace and a ring. López, the blonde, had a great time dancing with Neymar. In the photo, hundreds of men and women are hanging out and having a fun party.

Neymar’s team, Saudi Al Hilal, and the Brazilian national team feel sick. Neymar seriously injured his knee in the fourth round of the South American qualifying round for the 2026 North-Central American World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay, which lost 0-2 on October 18. Neymar was out of the season due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in the knee. Neymar underwent a successful surgery, but it is not known whether he will be able to recover his skills in his prime.

Neymar has been diagnosed as taking at least 10 months to return. Neymar cannot guarantee his participation in the 2024 Copa America, which will take place in the U.S. in June 2024.

Due to the injury, Neymar instantly became the best player ever. Al Hilal invested an enormous amount of money in Neymar’s transfer fee of 90 million euros and an annual salary of 100 million dollars. However, Neymar ended the season with only one goal in five games at Al Hilal. Still, his salary will continue.

FIFA has informed the CBF that it could consider dismissing and electing the president of the Brazilian Football Association (CBF) and banning Brazil’s clubs and national teams from participating in international competitions. If the suspension of the Brazilian team’s qualification is confirmed, the Brazilian team will not be able to participate in many international competitions such as the World Cup and the Copa America.

Whether the Brazilian team is in crisis or not, Neymar is enjoying the party. Even Brazilian fans are criticizing Neymar, saying, “He’s out of his mind,” “How long has his girlfriend been giving birth to a girl?”, and “It’s okay for him to get hurt.”

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