FC Seoul recruits all-around midfielder Ryu Jae-moon in ‘Kim Ki-dong regime’

K League 1 FC Seoul succeeded in strengthening the midfield by recruiting “all-round midfielder” Ryu Jae-moon (31).

FC Seoul said on the 4th, “We have established a more stable midfielder team by recruiting midfielder Ryu Jae-moon to add weight to the midfield.”랭크카지노

With his solid physique measuring 184 centimeters and 72 kilograms, Ryu Jae-moon is a multi-resource, which boasts robust activities and intelligent passes. He can play both offensive and defensive midfielders.

FC Seoul said, “Ryu Jae-moon is a necessary resource for the dynamic implementation of soccer based on the many activities pursued by the new coach Kim Ki-dong,” adding, “We expect it to revitalize the team in building a solid and solid midfield.”

Ryu Jae-moon, who joined Daegu in 2015 after passing through Seohae High School and Yeungnam University and started his professional career, played a key resource for the team by scoring 12 points and seven assists in 129 games over six seasons until 2020. Since then, he moved to Jeonbuk in 2021 and played a significant role as a link in offense and defense by scoring three points and four assists in 54 games until 2023.

“FC Seoul is a team with passionate fans, and a good coach is here as well. I wanted to challenge myself to the championship while playing fun and aggressive soccer, so I decided to go to FC Seoul,” Ryu Jae-moon said. “I want to become a player who develops myself to the next level while playing at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. I ask for your support.”

Ryu Jae-moon will meet his new coach Kim Ki-dong and other teammates for the first time on Saturday, and begin to harden for the 2024 season. FC Seoul’s first winter training camp will take place in Hua Hin, Thailand from September 9 to 28.

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