A month before ‘shock’, a crime attempt was made, and Manchester City’s “100 million pound star” dizzying robbery broke in

British media The Sun reported on Monday (Korea time) that the robbers who attacked Grealish’s home attempted to raid the city even a month ago. Police are investigating whether the incident was committed inside.마카오카지노도메인

Grealish left Aston Villa and joined Manchester City just before the 2021-2022 season. His transfer fee amounted to 100 million pounds. He had a dizzying experience recently. Grealish started the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) match between Manchester City and Everton at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England on April 28. He helped his team win 3-1. However, it was just then that a robber broke into his family.

The Sun said, “The gang who broke into Grealish’s house tried to break in a month ago. But back then, it was before Grealish moved in. Also, they ran away when a police car accidentally patrolled the area. The gang broke into Grealish’s house a month later and stole £1 million worth of watches and jewelry. Grealish’s family raised the alarm at the time, but the robbers escaped in less than three minutes.” According to media reports, the robbers planned to commit the crime during a European Champions League (UCL) match between Manchester City and Leipzig on Nov. 29 last year.

Meanwhile, The Sun said, “The police are investigating whether the incident is related to an insider.”

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