A beautiful breakup after 29 years… Ko Woo-seok “Thank you to LG for opening the opportunity.” – Cha Myung-seok, “ML competitiveness is enough, I support you.”

The LG Twins’ grand victory completed Ko Woo-suk’s challenge to the Major League. Ko thanked the team and the team wished him good luck.

LG released a press release on Tuesday to announce the signing of Ko Woo-suk with the San Diego Padres. Ko signed a two-year, 4.5 million-dollar contract with the San Diego Padres on Wednesday.

They will receive $1.75 million in 2024 and $2.25 million in 2025. And a mutual option clause of $3 million is included in 2026. If the club does not implement the mutual option clause, it will pay a $500,000 buyout. Ko Woo-seok’s guarantee amount is $4.5 million, but the terms of the contract will increase to $7 million for three years if the third-year mutual option is invoked.헤라카지노

Ko Woo-suk joined the LG Twins as the first pick in 2017 and recorded 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves, and six hold ERA of 3.18 in 354 games over seven seasons. In addition, he played seven seasons in the KBO League until 2023, meeting posting requirements, and was able to advance to the Major League with the consent of the LG club.

“I want to say thank you to the LG Twins for opening this opportunity for me to have a great experience in the Major League,” Ko Woo-suk said through his club. “I am also grateful to the San Diego club for allowing me to start a new challenge. I started again in a new place with a new heart. I will do my best to become a player who does not go against everyone’s expectations.”

Cha Myung-seok, general manager of LG, said, “Congratulations. Ko Woo-suk is one of the best closing pitchers in the KBO League. He is competitive enough in the MLB as well, and I think he will adapt well. I look forward to playing as a Major League player who represents Korea with good performances. I root for Ko’s new challenge.”

After being asked to check his status in the Major League with Lee Jung-hoo in November last year, Ko conveyed his intention to LG. After much consideration, LG conditionally allowed Ko to apply for posting, and Ko and Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco) will be able to negotiate with 30 Major League teams from 8 a.m. on June 5. The deadline for contract was 7 a.m. on June 4.

Unlike Lee Jung-hoo, the “brother-in-law,” who signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants on the 13th of last month, Ko did not show much interest in him. The St. Louis Cardinals showed interest in recruiting Ko, but it was not heated up. However, San Diego appeared a day before the deadline for negotiations, and signed the contract without reservation.

In fact, LG had no intention of sending Ko Woo-suk to the team unless it was paid a reasonable price. “I asked Ko to give it a try. We need to see how much interest the Major League has,” Cha said. “In the past, Kim Jae-hwan (Doosan) tried it, but gave up because he couldn’t get the conditions he wanted. That could happen again this time, so I asked him to give it a try and talk to the team when he was satisfied with the amount.”

“If posting money is too ridiculous, would he want to go? Still, I told him to post it first,” he said, adding that the final decision will be made by the owner after checking the amount of money. It was conditional for him to advance to the Major League.

In fact, the $4.5 million amount was not the ransom for Ko Woo-suk that LG wanted. However, LG accepted Ko Woo-suk’s entry into the Major League on a grand scale. The LG club announced on the 3rd, “Ko Woo-suk recently received an offer from the Major League club according to the posting process, and the LG Twins decided to send the offer to the Major League team that sent him in respect of the player’s intention. In response, Ko left for the United States on the 3rd for contract proceedings including a medical test.”

Prior to signing the contract with Ko, the San Diego Padres signed Yuki Matsui, who had 236 saves in total in the Japanese pro baseball, a five-year, 28 million-dollar contract. Closer Josh Hader, Nick Martinez of the Cincinnati Reds, Luis Garcia, and Tim Hill left the team due to free agents or the release of non-tenders. The team desperately needs to reinforce its back door.

With the addition of Ko Woo-suk, San Diego added depth to its bullpen. It is highly likely that the team will compete with Robert Suarez and Matsui as closer pitchers. During the official announcement, the San Diego club introduced Ko’s pitching history in detail. In an official release, the club said, “Ko pitched in all 354 games as relief and ranked first in the league with 42 saves in 2022, with a total of 139 saves from 2019 to 2023. In the last three seasons since 2021, Ko has a 2.32 ERA (42 earned runs in 162 ⅔ innings), 207 strikeouts and 66 walks. And over the past five years, all of them have been in the top 10 save rankings in the league.”

Regarding the background of recruiting Ko, “San Diego, which already recruited Yuki Matsui, will help strengthen its bullpen by recruiting Ko. Both will play roles in the second half of the game,” he said. “They will have a three-man showdown with right-handers Robert Suarez and Matsui to serve as closing pitchers. However, chances are high that all three players will appear in the second half and throw in high-leverage situations. With the addition of Ko, San Diego’s bullpen is closer to perfection.”

The media also did not rule out the possibility that San Diego could add additional bullpen pitchers, although the probability is not high. The media said, “Another bullpen could be added. The bullpen naturally fluctuates greatly. President A.J. Preller believes that having many players is the best way to reduce variables,” adding, “But bullpen is not the top priority. We need a starting pitcher. And outfielders remain holes,” he said.

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