“You’re choosing a hat for money?” Cantlay wears scholarship foundation hat to start season

Patrick Cantlay of the U.S., who suffered from “hat gate” in the Ryder Cup, a golf competition between the U.S. and Europe last year, will wear a scholarship foundation hat for children and play the opening game of the PGA Tour season.헤라카지노

According to AP and other foreign media on the 3rd, Cantlay will wear a hat with the logo of the “FRCF” at the PGA Tour’s The Sentry, which will open in Hawaii on the 5th (Korea time). As a foundation that supports the families of emergency responders in the United States, Cantlay has cooperated with this place several times.

Cantlay, who is ranked fifth in the world and has eight wins in total in the tour, has recently attracted more attention with his cap than his golf skills. He did not wear a cap with the logo of the U.S. team at the Ryder Cup held in Italy in October last year. Although he explained that it was the right size, some interpreted it as a protest against the Ryder Cup’s failure to compensate players financially. As such suspicions grew, he gained the name “Mothergate” as U.S. players took off their hats and waved them away during the tournament.

Cantlay wore a hat with the name of the global investment bank Goldman Sachs for three years from 2020. Unfortunately, Goldman Sachs did not extend its contract with Cantlay after the hatgate broke out. According to the sponsor’s internal evaluation, Cantlay was not well received, and the happening in the Ryder Cup was also known to have had a bad effect.

Recently, Cantlay strongly denied speculation about “Mothergate” in an interview with Golf Magazine. “If I wanted to protest, I would have made sure everyone knew why I was doing it,” he said.

Cantlay chose a hat with the name of his foundation engraved on it at the first competition to start the new season. In other words, he demonstrated through his actions that he does not protest with hats because of money.

He explained that he started a fundraising campaign with a foundation to help the families of emergency responders affected by the wildfire in August last year, and he also chose a hat from the extension. Cantlay said he will create a fund named after him over the next four years to support the children of emergency responders.

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