‘Last year’s 104th win’ Atlanta ranks first in MLB.COM’s power ranking… ‘Recruit Lee Jung-hoo’ ranks 22nd in SF

It was neither the defending champion Texas Rangers nor the Los Angeles Dodgers that had both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. The Atlanta Braves topped the power ranking on MLB.com .

MLB.com announced its first power ranking for 2024 on Wednesday (Korea time). Some players have yet to find their destination and some have spring training to go, but based on their current team performance, the rankings have been made from the top to the 30th.마카오토토

The team that ranks first is Atlanta. Atlanta, a team in the National League East, posted 104 wins and 58 losses (0.642) last season, the highest winning percentage in both leagues. However, it failed to advance to the Championship Series, as it lost to the Philadelphia Phillies by one win and three losses in the National League Division Series.

“Just because the Dodgers have hired Ohtani, Yamamoto, and Tyler Glasnow doesn’t mean they’re No. 1 in the power rankings. The team with the best record in 2023 has topped the power rankings for the first time in 2024,” MLB.com said. “It still has “MVP” Ronald Acuña Jr. and Matt Olsen, Austin Riley, and Ajie Albies. They still have great starters and players who helped their team win 104 games last year. This is a team built to win.”

The Dodgers, which aggressively tried to reinforce its power by recruiting Ohtani, ranked second. After signing a 10-year contract with Ohtani in December last year, the Dodgers acquired Glasnow in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays, and signed a 12-year contract with Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto for a total of 350 million dollars.

“Because we recruited the world’s best baseball player and two top-class starters, we feel like we are invincible,” the media said. “One of the reasons why the Dodgers went aggressive this offseason was the urgency to win the World Series. This team desperately wants to win the World Series as much as Ohtani and has spent over 1 billion dollars to win it. However, (aggressive recruitment) does not guarantee a win like it did in the past.”

Texas Rangers, which has been on the top of the World Series for two consecutive years, was ranked third. It ranks the highest among American League teams. MLB.com emphasized that the team will be able to show off its robustness, mentioning the names of Corey Seager, who can display MVP-class performance, and Evan Carter, who played in the postseason last year.

The Baltimore Orioles, who won the National League East last season and recorded 101 wins in the regular season, ranked fourth overall. The media said, “It may be disappointing for fans as the Orioles are unlikely to make a big move, but Jackson Halliday, who won 101 games last year and is a nominee for the Rookie of the Year, will join us,” adding, “Even if we don’t strengthen our power, we can get better than the 2023 season.”

The Philadelphia Phillies ranked fifth. After passing the National League wild card and the Division Series last fall, they displayed a great competition by biting the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Championship Series.

The Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, followed by the New York Yankees and Arizona.

Teams with Korean players were ranked relatively low. The San Diego Padres, which are affiliated with “Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung, ranked 16th and the San Francisco Giants, which recruited “Grand Son of the Wind” Lee Jung-hoo, ranked 22nd. Bae Ji-hwan’s team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, ranked 26th.

In particular, San Francisco made up for its shortcomings by recruiting Lee Jung-hoo, but it is not receiving good reviews from the U.S. local media. Not only Lee Jung-hoo but also additional recruitment is needed.

“It was the same as when we failed to recruit Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa, who were the best FA players in the last offseason,” MLB.com said. “We have Lee Jung-hoo, Korea’s star center fielder, but we have lost a lot of power. The team that had 79 wins (last season) seems to need more.”

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