What kind of rookie will play in 2024 following “Yoon Young-chul, Kim Dong-heon, Kim Min-seok”?

Three 19-year-old high school graduates showed off their talent in the 2023 KBO League. They were not lagging behind veteran seniors in terms of skills, and they proudly took the starting position and spent their first professional season. Pitcher Yoon Young-chul (KIA), catcher Kim Dong-hun (Kium), and outfielder Kim Min-seok (Lotte). The new star is getting ready to succeed them in 2024.

Kia’s Yoon Young-chul said he did not give meaning to the word “new talent.” “Whether it is a rookie or a player with several years of experience, he is a player who is in the first division. It is a professional who displays his best skills at that moment,” he stressed. He displayed a professional mindset.헤라카지노

Kim Dong-heon played in 102 games in his debut season alone as a catcher, which is not easy to take the lead. He showed off that his blocking rate of stolen bases was 30%, which is worth surpassing that of Yang Eui-ji (Doosan, 0.378), the best catcher in Korea. Thanks to this, he was selected at the Hangzhou Asian Games in Hangzhou, China at the end of September and wore the national flag. He had the best year, harvesting the gold medal and even solving military problems.

Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki said several times, “I didn’t give Kim Dong-heon a chance, but the player caught it himself.” Kim Dong-heon’s progress was hopeful that even a rookie could play as a main player and join the national team if he proves his skills in any position.

Lotte’s Kim Min-seok also played as a starting pitcher for this season, becoming the fourth player among high school graduates to participate in the All-Star Game. He shifted his position from infield to outfield, but showed good performance with 102 hits (three homers), a batting average of 0.255 and an OPS (on-base plus slugging) of 0.652 in 129 games. He also set a new record of 100 hits among high school graduates for the first time in the team’s history.

Most of all, he is overwhelmingly No. 1 in the sales volume of his team’s uniforms. Jeon Joon-woo, the second-ranked “franchise star,” had a sales rate of 13 percent, and Kim Min-seok almost doubled to 24 percent, receiving much love from Lotte fans. He has excellent performance and star quality. Watching Kim Min-seok, rookies in the 2024 KBO League may also dream of playing in a home stadium filled with uniforms bearing their names.

Around this time of year, rookies in the KBO League gather together at the training sites of their respective teams and prepare to debut on the professional stage with their coaches and fans. They are probably determined to be impressed by their coaches and fans with unique mindset. Attention is focusing on who will be the new hero who will make his name imprint on the KBO League in 2024.

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