FA negotiations without progress Kim Min-sik… Is there still a big difference in opinion and a breakthrough in the settlement

Negotiations on starting catcher Kim Min-sik (35), the only internal free agent (FA) player of SSG, ended the year. Negotiations are underway with the two sides largely different points of view. While attention is focusing on whether a compromise can be reached in the new year, it seems clear that a certain turning point is needed.

Kim Min-sik played in 122 games as the main catcher of the SSG. His offense performance is not that special, but he is an indispensable player in the SSG’s full strength because he has strong defense and experience. With such expectations, he joined the event as an FA for the first time in his career. Kim Min-sik also hopes to continue his career at SSG, and he certainly admits that SSG also needs Kim. However, the problem is money. The two sides have quite different ideas.월카지노

Kim Min-sik had already rejected SSG’s offer of a non-FA multi-year contract after consideration. At that time, club officials also said, “I can understand.” SSG made the offer within the scope of salary caps, so it was not of a contract size that would surely appeal to players. Because of salary caps, SSG could not even offer a higher amount.

In addition, recently, catchers are receiving relatively good treatment in the FA market. Players who have the ability to play as the starting pitcher are evaluated as gold in the FA and trade markets. It is interpreted that Kim Min-sik also intended to compete with several teams by going to the market. However, it became an ambiguous situation as teams that need catchers moved during the 2022-2023 transfer market and the 2023 season. It is not easy to find a team that does not have a solid starting catcher now.

Under these circumstances, the difference is bigger than expected when negotiations begin. They met several times from the opening of the FA market to December to coordinate their opinions, but it was not enough to reach a breakthrough. The gap is also quite wide in the amendment. SSG’s proposal does not go up easily. For this reason, no significant negotiations were held at the end of the year, and it is expected to resume in the new year. However, many expect difficulties until the conclusion of the agreement unless either side makes a big concession or the situation changes rapidly.

Kim looks perplexed as the total amount is much smaller than previously proposed. It is not even the contract period that we originally thought. Anyway, chances are high that Kim’s team entered the bid to secure Kim Tae-gun (a three-year, total of 2.5 billion won), who signed a multi-year contract with Kia before the end of the 2023 season. Actually, the two players have similar overall performance and age, and they also have the same agency. However, the amount proposed by SSG is far lower than that of Kim. It is difficult for Kim to accept this situation easily.

On the contrary, SSG explained that it has set values in line with the current situation. Lee Jae-won, who served as the team’s main catcher for a long time, left the team, but Cho Hyung-woo, the most promising player, is growing, and SSG made efforts to reinforce its catcher lineup by recruiting two catchers (Park Dae-on and Shin Bum-soo) in the second draft. It is also not that the team has too much leeway in salary caps. It is also believed that the situation is not a situation in which specific bites from other teams are coming in. If so, it could be viewed that the team would not suffer even if it waits for a while. As a result, there is a big difference in the amount of money both sides think.

However, SSG’s plan to catch Kim Min-sik is clear, and it is beneficial for Kim Min-sik to meet with SSG again at the negotiation table, whether there is a proposal from other teams or not. For this reason, there is a possibility that the two will soon sit face to face again, and Kim Jae-hyun, the new general manager, who has completed basic work since taking office, will take the mound to coordinate.

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