Henry Ramos, the ‘strong No. 2′ in the Yang, Kim, and Yang trio? The color of the 2024 Bears’ bat on DH’s face

In the 2024 season, the Doosan Bears want to strengthen their team’s batting performance as a keyword. The revival of the fourth batter, Kim Jae-hwan, and success of Henry Ramos, a new foreign hitter, will also be key to the team’s success. The color of the Bears’ bat on the designated batter’s face is also drawing keen attention.

Doosan signed Henry Ramos as a new foreign hitter in the 2024 season for a total of $700,000 (50,000 down payment, 550,000 annual salary, $100,000 incentive).헤라카지노

Henry Ramos is a right-handed pitcher and switch-hitter born in 1992 who wore KT’s uniform ahead of the 2022 season. Ramos, who started his KBO League debut season with KT in the 2022 season, was diagnosed with a fractured little toe on April 23 due to a four-ball toe injury after batting .250/18 hits/three homers/11 RBIs in 18 games. With rehabilitation expected to take about four to six weeks, KT eventually requested Ramos’ disclosure of waivers and hired Anthony Alford as a substitute.

Among the resources available to recruit foreign outfielders this winter, Henry Ramos is considered to be of excellent quality. A club official also said, “He had bad luck with his injury, but Henry Ramos is still maintaining good performance even in the KBO league.”

Henry Ramos played for the Cincinnati Reds in the 2023 season and recorded a batting average of 0.243/18 hits/5 RBIs in 18 games. In the 2023 Minor League season, he played in 76 pitcher-friendly International League (Triple A) games and recorded a batting average of 0.318/on-base percentage of 0.411/13 homers/55 RBIs/OPS of 0.954. The detailed index continues to rise with 440 games/batting average of 0.301/55 homers/OPS of 0.847 in six Triple-A seasons.

Regarding recruitment of Henry Ramos, manager Lee Seung-yeop also said, “It is regrettable that I broke up with Rojas who did a great job at the last minute. I agonized over it until the very last minute. I thought that Kim Jae-hwan and Yang Eui-ji should take turns to join the designated hitter position from next year. Considering the defensive capabilities, I thought that having Ramos would make the team’s lineup easier than having Rojas,” he explained the background of recruitment.

Manager Lee expects that Henry Ramos’ characteristics as a switch-hitter will also help him cope with the opponent’s left-handed pitchers. “This year has been the case, and next year, there will be a lot of foreign left-handed starters. It helps to have even a little more right-handed batters. Ramos is a switch-hitter and has a very good on-base percentage and slugging percentage. I was definitely interested in Ramos,” he said with a smile.

Manager Lee Seung-yeop expected foreign hitter Jose Rojas to take charge of the “strong No. 2” throughout the 2023 season. However, as Rojas’ adjustment to the KBO league was somewhat delayed, he failed to manage the team’s batting lineup all season long. If Henry Ramos can take charge of the “strong No. 2,” Lee will likely have less trouble organizing the team’s batting lineup.

If Jung Soo-bin and Henry Ramos, who are undecided leadoff, take charge of the table setter, the big FA trio, which leads to Yang Seok-hwan, Kim Jae-hwan, and Yang Eui-ji, can play the role of troubleshooter. Assuming Henry Ramos’s consistent performance, it is at the level of the top lineup, which is not lagging behind other clubs.

In addition, the color of the team’s batting lineup can vary depending on the designated hitter’s face. First of all, Henry Ramos’ defensive position is left field or right field. If Kim Jae-hwan enters the designated hitter position, one of the outfielders in Korea is expected to be given a chance to take the lead.

“Basically, Jung Soo-bin will be positioned as center fielder, and Henry Ramos will have to decide whether to play in left field or right field. I think it will depend on Kim Jae-hwan’s condition. If Kim Jae-hwan enters the defense, Ramos will naturally go to right field. However, if Kim Jae-hwan needs to go to the designated hitter position, Ramos will be able to stand in left field depending on the combination with the domestic outfielder,” he explained.

Lee is also looking forward to the possibility that outfielder Cho Ha-haeng will make a leap to the starting lineup. This is because the importance of running baseball is increasing due to expansion of base size, pitch clock, and restriction of check ball in the 2024 season. One of Lee’s plans is to make a leap to the starting lineup of right field for Cho Ha-haeng, who is best at base, along with outfield defense.

“Cho is a fast-paced hitter who is extremely picky with the opposing team. Even if his batting average is over .25 million, he can cover up defense and baserunning well, which makes him a key player,” Lee said. “I think he will also be able to have an interesting competition with Kim In-tae.”

Who will become the designated hitter for the Doosan Bears in the 2024 season? His face is expected to have a big impact on the fierce competition among Korean fielders.

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