‘Glass Body’ Chris Sale, Boston->Atlanta Blitz Trade

Boston Red Sox left-handed ace Chris Sale (34), who was criticized by fans for his frequent injuries, will build a bird’s nest in the Atlanta Braves.

Major U.S. media, including MLB.COM, reported a one-on-one trade between the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta on Monday (Korea Standard Time). Boston receives infielder Von Grissom (22) instead of sending Sale to Atlanta.

Boston also subsidizes $17 million of Sale’s $27.5 million salary this year. Sale was willing to waive the trade veto included in his contract to wear the Atlanta uniform.월카지노

Sale was the best left-handed pitcher of his era. He was nominated for the Cy Young Award for seven consecutive years from 2012 to 2018, and played in the All-Star Game every year during the same period.

Saleh, who recorded 120 wins and 80 losses with a 3.10 ERA in the Major League, recorded 99 wins and 59 losses with a 2.91 ERA during seven seasons between 2012 and 2018. In 2017, he became the second pitcher in the history of the Boston Red Sox to have 300 strikeouts in a season.

Boston, encouraged by Sale’s great performance, presented a five-year, $145 million extension in 2019. However, since that contract, Sale has been suffering from injuries.

After suffering from elbow pain in 2019, he went to the operating table in 2020 and threw out the entire season. He returned to the mound in 2021, but suffered from rib, finger and wrist injuries. This year, he pitched in only 20 games due to shoulder inflammation and 102 ⅔ innings. His performance also fell short of expectations with six wins, five losses and an ERA of 4.30.

Eventually, Boston decided to clear up Sale and agreed to a trade with Atlanta aiming to win the World Series in 2024.

Atlanta, which won the World Series in 2021, desperately hopes to rise to the top again. The team is committed to dispel regret that it failed to make it to the National League Division Series early this year even after winning the most wins (104 wins) in the two major leagues during the regular season.

Atlanta, which already has top starters such as Spencer Strider, Max Fried and Charlie Morton, will build the league’s best starting lineup if it joins the “healthy” sale.

Alex Anthopoulos, president of the Atlanta club’s baseball operations division, said, “We know well that there are concerns about Sale’s injury history,” but added, “We know well that he is a starter who will be a strong weapon in the playoffs.”

“We will help him continue to take the mound (without injury),” he said, stressing, “I’m sure this season’s Sale will be the first season to play normally after the injury.”

Grissom, who moves from Atlanta to Boston, is an infielder whose role is Atlanta’s second baseman and shortstop. Atlanta has long worked hard as a key shortstop for the next generation, but he was willing to offer it as a trade card to recruit Sale.

After two seasons since his debut in the big league in 2022, Grissom has played 64 games and recorded .287 with five homers and 27 RBIs. His overall batting average in the minor leagues is .320 and his overall OPS is .884.

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