Samsung pitcher’s third-year poten explosion, which stopped for a while, will it be different next year

Many of the Samsung Lions’ pitchers often made potency in their third year of debut. Choi Chae-heung, Choi Choong-yeon and Won Tae-in are representative.

Choi Chae-heung, a left-hander from Daegu Sangwon High School and Hanyang University, had four wins and one loss in eight games in the first year of his debut in 2018. His earned run average was 3.21, recording six wins, six losses and two holds (average earned run of 4.81).헤라카지노

Choi Chae-heung was a full-time starter in 2020 and won 11 wins and 6 losses (average earned run of 3.58) by achieving his first double-digit victory since his debut.

Choi Choong-yeon, who received the first Samsung nomination in 2016, also scored potency in his third year since debut. In 2018, he pitched in 70 games and won two, six losses, eight saves and 16 holds (average earned run of 3.60), marking his best season since debut. He also won the gold medal as a member of the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games team.

Won Tae-in, who went one step further with six wins and 10 losses in 27 games (4.89 earned runs) in 2020, following 26 games with four wins, eight losses and two holds (4.82 earned runs) in his first year since debut in 2019, had his best season in 2021. Won has completed his career high with 14 wins, seven losses and 3.06 earned runs in 26 games.

Since then, pitchers have stopped showing off their potency in their third year. Hwang Dong-jae, a first-round draft pick in his third year, reported his first win since debuting in the first division last year, but it was not enough to call it a potency explosion. Heo Yoon-dong, a former left-hander of the national youth team, achieved the most wins (four wins) among individuals, but was not comparable to Choi Chae-heung, Choi Choong-yeon and Won Tae-in.

Left-hander Lee Seung-min had an ERA of 1.69 in two games, while Park took the mound eight times and posted an ERA of 1.35 without a win or loss. Hong Won-pyo failed to take the mound in the first division.

Left-hander Lee Seung-hyun pitched in 48 games to mark the third year since his professional debut this season, leaving an earned run average of 4.98 with one win, five losses, five saves and seven holds. Hong Moo-won and Hong Seung-won have no records in the first division during the same period as Lee.

Shin Jung-hwan, Kim Seo-joon and Jang Jae-hyuk, who wore Samsung uniforms last year, will mark their third year in a row next year. All Kim Seo-joon posted is one loss and one hold with an ERA of 7.84 in 11 games played in the first division. Shin and Jang have yet to take the mound in the first division. All three players lack experience, but they are considered promising players who the club has worked hard to nurture.

Samsung’s mound is full of thirst for new faces. The team finished eighth in the regular season due to lackluster pitching staff this season. If potency explodes again in the third year of pitcher’s pitching, which had stopped for a while, will the team’s pitching hope grow further? If that happens, the team’s performance will naturally improve.

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