“14 wins-3.52-167K” Are you satisfied with the LAD? According to the U.S. statistics Yamamoto 12-year forecast

The Los Angeles Dodgers were in a festive mood by recruiting two Japanese superstars, Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The main message is that the team has a solid foundation for winning the World Series next season. The Dodgers invested 1.025 billion dollars in the two players. Ohtani spent 700 million dollars for 10 years and Yamamoto 325 million dollars for 12 years. On top of that, the transfer fee to Yamamoto’s original team Orix Buffaloes amounts to 50.6 million dollars, and the team also needs to hand over the right to draft next year to the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani’s original team.월카지노

Ohtani, who has been named the unanimous MVP twice for his strong pitching and hitting performance in the last three consecutive seasons, is considered to be excessive for Yamamoto, who has never thrown a single ball in the Major League.

CBS Sports highlighted the negative side, saying, “Yamamoto is looking at a $300 million contract, just before Yamamoto’s trip to the Dodgers was announced on the 21st (Korean time). He is likely to be injured because he has no major league experience, is short, and is just a pitcher.” That’s a valid point.

However, it is also persuasive to analyze that if a pitcher won the MVP award for three consecutive years in the Japanese professional baseball league, he could become the best ace in the Major League.

ESPN said in an article titled “Is Yamamoto worth the ransom?” on the 23rd, “Yamamoto is the best pitcher in NPB history, and the numbers he accumulated during his seven-year career that began at the age of 18 are the same as those of a video game that is not properly programmed.”

Regarding Yamamoto’s expected performance, ESPN said, “Garrett Cole could be the standard. The Dodgers will go even further and present the contract in a much more positive way,” adding, “There are many reasons to believe that they have recruited pitchers with all-star potential and potential as players that transcend generations.”

Cole signed a nine-year, $324 million FA contract with the New York Yankees in December 2019, setting a record for pitcher ransom. Cole served as the ace for four consecutive seasons after moving to the Yankees. This year, he won his first Cy Young Award in his career, showing off his true colors as the highest-paid pitcher.

Since Yamamoto has exceeded Cole in terms of total amount, he should at least perform that much. Dodgers would be very satisfied with his performance that is capable of competing in the Cy Young Award. Cole has recorded 51 wins and 23 losses with a 3.08 ERA and 816 strikeouts in 108 appearances in the last four years with the Yankees. He has exceeded the required innings every year, and has struck out more than 200 for the last three consecutive years.

FanGrapes, which specializes in Major League Baseball statistics, is drawing attention by releasing Yamamoto’s 12-year contract period on the 23rd. It is a prediction of ZiPS, a prediction system devised by Dan Zimbowski, an authority on Sabermetrix.

ZiPS predicted that Yamamoto will pitch 171 ⅓ in 26 games next year, recording 14 wins and 7 losses, 3.52 ERA, 35 walks, 167 strikeouts, 22 homers, 130 hits, ERA+ 118, and 3.8. He then predicted that he will throw more than 170 innings every year until 2028 and maintain a mid-three-point ERA with 14 wins.

However, the decline begins in the sixth year of the contract. The number of innings pitched will continue to decline from 2029 to 164 ⅔ → 157 ⅓ → 150 ⅓ → 141 ⅓ → 131 ⅓ → 121 ⅓ → 109 ⅔ innings, and the ERA will soar from 3.77 to 4.27 in the final season. It is a natural prospect that as one gets older, injuries occur more often and ball power declines.

Given his stellar performance, the Dodgers could consider its annual average salary of 27.08 million dollars a year. Yamamoto has an opt-out clause in place after six and eight years. The ZiPS predicts Yamamoto will achieve a three-point ERA and a three-point WAR by completing the stipulated innings for the sixth consecutive year. Will Yamamoto implement the opt-out.

Regarding ZiPS’s forecast, FanGraphs said, “Yamamoto will recommend a 12-year, 320 million-dollar contract for the forecasting system.” In other words, the forecast and contract level are similar. However, it is just a prediction.

Yamamoto and Ohtani pose together with a dish at a famous Japanese restaurant in LA on the 23rd (Korea time). Photo = Capturing Nobu Matsuhisa’s Instagram
Yamamoto is said to have dinner with Ohtani at a famous Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles right after he agreed to a contract with the Dodgers. MLB.com reported on the 24th that “L.A.’s world-famous sushi restaurant served special guests including Ohtani, Yamamoto, and interpreter Ifei Mizuhara.”

Yamamoto is a strong starting pitcher for the opening game. Dodgers has been unstable throughout the season, compared to its strong lineup this year. It is not unreasonable to predict that the Dodgers’ next season’s performance will be more affected by Yamamoto’s performance than by Ohtani.

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