Hanwha saved 2.8 billion won… How to persuade Ryu Hyun-jin on ‘interest in 14 billion + ML’

Ryu Hyun-jin (36) said he would definitely end his career wearing the Hanwha Eagles uniform. With the end of “Korean Monster” approaching already, attention is constantly being paid to whether the time to return to Korea will be next year.

Hanwha is ready to welcome Ryu Hyun-jin at any time. Hanwha ranked 9th with 8.53 billion won in the sum of the top 40 annual salaries for each club in 2023, announced by KBO on the 20th. This year, the upper limit of salary cap was confirmed at 11.42638 billion won, but Hanwha saved 2.895.38 billion won. The 10th-ranked Kiwoom Heroes was unbeatable by saving 4.97438 billion won with 6.452 billion won, but Hanwha also operated a season very cheaply compared to other teams.헤라카지노

Major reason Hanwha has ample leeway in salary cap is that of Ryu Hyun-jin. Of course, the total amount of its top 40 players will change next year. Hanwha caught An Chi-hong, an outside FA, at 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years this winter. Internal FA Jang Min-jae set a target of 800 million won for 2+1 years, and in the second draft, it recruited pitchers Lee Sang-gyu (400 million won in the first round), Bae Min-seo (200 million won in the third round), and veteran outfielder Kim Kang-min (100 million won). In the annual salary negotiations, rookie Moon Dong-ju and home run king Noh Si-hwan are likely to receive significant increases. Even if the players are released, transferred and retired, the total amount of their annual salary next year is expected to be larger than this year, but it has prepared a bullet to use on Ryu.

In the U.S. media’s view of the Major League FA market, Ryu is worth around 11 million U.S. dollars per year. In terms of the amount, Hanwha is highly likely to lose ground in competition with Major League teams. The problem is the duration of his contract. In order for Ryu to play more stably in the Major League, he needs to sign a multi-year contract of at least two years, which seems very unlikely. Given his late 30s and his history of Tommy John surgery last year, many predict that he will not be able to sign a multi-year contract.

It is still in demand as Ryu Hyun-jin used to be among the best left-handers in the Major League. After losing the bid to recruit pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the biggest left-hander in the Major League, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets have emerged as Ryu’s destinations. Yamamoto agreed to a 12-year, 325-million-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, setting the highest record as an FA pitcher in the history of the Major League. Yankees and Mets are a club where money is everywhere. Some predict that such two teams will lead to panic buying as they lost to Dodgers and their pride was greatly damaged.

The New York-based local media SNY reported on Monday (Korea time), “All contracts are not necessarily blockbusters. The Yankees would prefer Ryu, James Paxton, and Michael Lorenzen. Ryu has started only 17 games due to injury over the past two seasons, but he has good skills.”

The East Village Times, a local media outlet in San Diego, recommended the San Diego Padres, where infielder Kim Ha-sung (28) is playing, as a good destination for Ryu on Tuesday. The media reported, “San Diego desperately needs pitchers. Although the team brought in a lot of pitchers through the Juan Soto trade, only the front part of the starting rotation is heavier and lacks depth. If Ryu is added, he will be able to add stability and experience to the middle part of the starting rotation (four to five starters).”

“Ryu threw very well when he came back from injury. He started 11 games and posted an ERA of 3.46, 123 ERA+ (adjusted ERA, 100 is a reference point). If Ryu can produce this performance full-time in 2024, he will be one of the most solid middle starters.”

If Hanwha is to persuade Ryu in a competition with Major League teams, it has no choice but to demonstrate stability in its Korean life. During the season, players are actively transferred to Major League teams depending on their teams’ needs, regardless of whether they are starting pitchers, veterans, or prospects. There are also frequent DFAs (nomination of transfer) to secure Major League roster. Given Ryu’s current position, it is hard to be sure that a team is guaranteed full-time.

Hanwha also desperately needs Ryu Hyun-jin due to the starting pitcher’s mound situation. Except for Felix Peña, who renewed his contract for 1.05 million dollars, it is no exaggeration to say that there are no starting pitchers in Korea who can calculate the full time. Except for Moon, no starting pitcher in Korea exceeded 100 innings. Jang Min-jae pitched in 13 games and took charge of 57 innings, which was the second highest figure after Moon. Foreign starting pitchers have been vacant, and Korean starting pitchers will be in their second full-time year next year, although Moon Dong-ju served as the Rookie of the Year this year. There are variables in his experience. Kim Min-woo, who was the first starting pitcher in Korea, left this year due to a shoulder injury, so it is difficult to calculate the constant number until next year. Hanwha plans to prepare for this season by classifying Moon Dong-ju, Kim Min-woo, Jang Min-jae, Hwang Joon-seo, Kim Ki-jung and Nam Ji-min as starters, but if Ryu joins the team, it could be a total victory.

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