“I have a question for you!” said Kim Hwi-gun, a professional baseball rookie who dreams of becoming a “permanent” player in NC

[“I’ll give my right arm to NC”]

In domestic professional baseball, rookie pitcher Kim Hwigan, who expressed infinite love toward NC, who picked him three months ago, has drawn calm attention.

I’m already dreaming of a day when I’ll be the best on the professional stage someday, aiming for NC’s first permanent absence.헤라카지노

Reporter Hamurim met.


Hwang Joon-seo, the ace of the youth national team, is the No. 1 overall pick.

Kim Taek-yeon of the Doosan Bears, who dreams of becoming the next Oh Seung-hwan, is considered the best rookie draft ever.

The one who received the most attention was NC Kim Hwi-gun, who showed his confident feeling.

[Kim Hwigan/NC/Last September: “I’ll give you 1,000 times the love NC gave you. I’ll give my right arm for NC.”]

Kim Whigan is a pitcher who stands out for his fastball of up to 153 kilometers from his tall height of 191 centimeters.

He is determined to become the best player in Changwon, his mother’s hometown, not only for himself but also for his national basketball team.

[Kim Hwigan/NC: “There were no numbers on the wall of NC baseball stadium. I want to go for my goal of permanent number. (Are you saying you’re going to live in NC for life?) I’ll retire at NC.”]

Kim Hwi-gun, who was a former semi-playoff MVP, practiced with Kim Young-kyu, a senior member of the team,

However, it is evident that he is so nervous that he puts the ball behind him.

Still, when he grabbed the microphone, he regained his confident appearance.

[Kim Hwi Gun/NC: “I have a lot of questions for Kim Young Kyu”.]

[“I’m curious about how you have to sharpen your main weapon to survive in the professional world”]

[KIM YOUNG KYU/NC: “Rather than the main weapon, I think you should be good at being a professional and seize the opportunity.”]

[Kim Hwigan/NC: “This has been NC Kim Hwigan!”]

Like his determination to dedicate his arm to NC, he didn’t forget his pledge to win the Rookie of the Year award.

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