Lim Chan-kyu said, “I’ll even dedicate ‘Seongdae’ for LG.”

Lim Chan-kyu, a pitcher of professional baseball LG, signed a four-year contract to stay in the FA for a total of 5 billion won.

Like the movie “Love Actually,” I drew attention by expressing my feelings with a sketchbook.

Lim Chan-kyu signed an FA contract with LG for a maximum total of 5 billion won, including 2.6 billion won in guarantees and 2.4 billion won in incentives based on grades over four years.

[Lim Chan-gyu/LG Pitcher: Hello, I’m Lim Chan-gyu, a life contractor of LG Twins. Nice to meet you.]

The reason why my voice is especially small is because I recently had a vocal cord nodule surgery and couldn’t speak properly.헤라카지노

Instead of words like a scene from the movie Love Actually, he expressed his feelings by handwriting on a sketchbook.

He said he never thought about going to a team other than LG, and he gave fans a big smile by saying that he would give all his body and vocal cords until the day he retired.

LG also signed an FA contract with Oh Ji-hwan, the MVP of the Korean Series, who agreed to a six-year extension during the season for a total of 12.4 billion won.

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