Brazilian media said, “Happa Silva leaving Jeonbuk is about to join Brazil’s prestigious Cruzeiro.”

Brazilian striker Hafa Silva, who played for Jeonbuk Hyundai, will join his country’s prestigious Cruzeiro.

Brazilian media “Oglobu” reported that Cruzeiro will join the Cruzeiro team in January, recruiting Hafa Silva to reinforce his offense in the 2024 season. Cruzeiro was a team that Hafa Silva played before joining Jeonbuk.

Hafa Silva first experienced the K-League when he joined Jeonbuk in the 2023 season. However, he failed to produce good results. Hafa Silva only scored three goals in 25 games. Of the 25 games, he has started about 10 games and only played full time in two games. Jeonbuk originally signed a contract with Hafa Silva until the end of 2024, but it seems that it has decided to break up with Hafa Silva to renew its offense for the new season.월카지노

“Ogloboo” reported that Hafa Silva had been talking to Cruzeiro for the past few weeks as his position in the team narrowed. Hafa Silva reportedly wants to automatically add a one-year contract extension option if he achieves his personal goals such as goals at Cruzeiro in the 2024 season.

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