The Korea Football Association increased its budget by KRW 187.6 billion in 2024 to KRW 29.5 billion

The Korea Football Association held its last board meeting in 2023 at the soccer center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 19th, deliberating and approving the agenda of newly enacting ethical regulations and human rights protection regulations for footballers.

The newly established ethics rules were enacted by referring to FIFA’s Code of Ethics, which was revised earlier this year, and incorporating related contents from the existing rules for the management of the association’s ethics committee. The ethics rules enacted this time specify acts that soccer players should not do, such as discrimination, defamation, harassment and illegal receipt of money and measures to take in case of violation.월카지노

In addition, the regulations on the protection of human rights for footballers approved on the same day included specific types of prohibited acts and measures to respond to damage to prevent human rights violations in the soccer community.

The board of directors also confirmed the association’s 2024 budget. Next year’s budget totaled 187.6 billion won, up 29.5 billion won from the 2023 budget. Of this, 85.5 billion won is the budget for the construction of the Korea Football Center in Cheonan in the first half of 2025. The general budget, excluding the cost of building the soccer center, is 102.1 billion won.

Among the sources of income of the general budget of 102.1 billion won, its own income, such as corporate donations and A-match profits, is the highest at 63.5 billion won. Other sources include 22.5 billion won in Sports Toto subsidies and 10.8 billion won in the National Sports Promotion Fund.

The expenditure items included 27.7 billion won for the operation of the national team at each level, 17.6 billion won for the operation of domestic competitions, 12.5 billion won for technological development and fostering leaders and referees, and 9.7 billion won for the development of daily soccer.

The board of directors has decided to establish a subcommittee on e-football, and decided to request approval from the general meeting to be held early next year. The subcommittee is formed to vitalize the soccer industry and expand soccer fans through e-sports.

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