Panoni, who was disappointed that he couldn’t renew his contract, didn’t like insurance… I decided to separate from KIA for the second time

Thomas Panoni, a 29-year-old left-hander who was an “insurance” foreign pitcher for the Kia Tigers, has returned to the U.S. He is set to renew his bid for the Major League by signing a contract with the Minor League.

John Hayman, a reporter for the New York Post, said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “Panoni signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs. He will participate in the Cubs’ spring training next year as an invited player.”

Panoni is one of Kia’s players on hold. There was a possibility that he would renew his contract. Kia has looked for two new pitchers by keeping Panoni on the line for insurance, excluding another foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez, but has yet to sign a contract due to unfavorable market conditions.

As for Kia, it was worth considering accompanying Pannoy who had two years of experience in Korea and is stable. Against this backdrop, Pannoy chose to sign a minor league contract with the Cubs first and decided his future course of action. He had no regrets about renewing his contract with the Kia Tigers until mid-December, when he had no contract with the Korean team.헤라카지노

He would receive 800,000 U.S. dollars only if he moved to the Major League. If he remained in the Minor League without calling up the big league, his income would be much smaller. If he remained in the Kia Tigers, he would have been able to throw the game in a more stable and financially better environment, but Panoni no longer waited for Kia.

This marks Panoni’s second farewell to KIA. After signing a contract with Kia at 300,000 U.S. dollars per year (excluding transfer fee) as a substitute at the end of June last year, Panoni has displayed consistent performance in 14 games (82 ⅔ innings), three wins, four losses, average earned run, 2.72 strikeouts, and 73 strikeouts, helping the team advance to the quarterfinals. The average speed of his fastballs is 142 kilometers, but he pitched well with tricky deception and stable command through stepping that stops once during kick time.

After this season, Kia made the list of players withheld, but recruited Shaun Anderson and Adonis Medina in search of pitch-type pitchers. Since then, Kia has lifted the suspension of Panoni but not sought it by other KBO teams. Eventually, it signed a minor league contract with the Milwaukee Brewers and returned to the U.S.

For the Triple-A Nashville Sounders under Milwaukee, Fannoni had 11 games (nine starts, 53 ⅓ innings), three wins, one loss, and an earned run average of 2.70 strikeouts, with 50 strikeouts. He returned to the Major League for the first time in four years against the Pittsburgh Pirates after receiving a call-up in late June. In the sixth inning, he allowed five hits, one walk, four strikeouts and two runs in two ⅔ innings as a relief.

The very next day, however, Fanoi, who was also designated as a transfer agent, returned to KIA after going through the process of being released. Kia, which released both Anderson and Medina, found Fanoi as a substitute with KBO League experience, and re-introduced him for an annual salary of 350,000 dollars in early July. “I thought I made a good result to renew my contract, but I was a little disappointed,” Fanoi said, recalling that he failed to renew his contract after his return match against the Samsung Lions in Gwangju on July 12. Still, the past is just the past. It’s good to be back.”

Joining Kia as a substitute for the second consecutive year, Panoni had six wins, three losses and an earned run average of 4.26 strikeouts in 16 games (82 ⅓ innings). He pitched well with three wins, one loss and an earned run average of 3.18 in the first eight games through August, but in eight games since September, he had three wins, two losses and an earned run average of 5.59, which was not good enough. Kia had no choice but to hesitate to renew its contract with Panoni due to increasingly shaky pitching capabilities.

It is the club’s right to seek better foreign players while retaining the right to hold. While most teams have the upper hand in negotiating renewal of contract, players also have the right to decide on their future course of action. Fanoi, who first severed ties with Kia, demonstrated this.

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