“Kim Min-jae can’t play from January next year.” Munich worries about ‘defensive collapse’

Bayern Munich, its team, has a complicated mind over Kim Min-jae’s participation in the Asian Cup. The same is true of Germany’s local view of this.

The 2023 AFC (Asian Football Federation) Qatar Asian Cup will take place in Qatar from Jan. 12 to Feb. 10 next year. Korea is in a group with Bahrain, Jordan, and Malaysia.랭크카지노

Kim Min-jae is an important asset for the Korean national team as well. It is the core of defense and the beginning of the build-up. Naturally, Kim Min-jae’s call-up to the national team has been announced. The Asian Cup will begin on January 12 next year, but the call-up period will be faster than that. Kim is expected to join the national team after the 16th round match of the Bundesliga against Wolfsburg on January 21.

Bayern Munich is in a state of emergency. This is because there is no right defender to replace Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae’s influence in Munich was so great that it was difficult to give him time to rest.

Therefore, Kim Min-jae did not have time to rest at Bayern Munich. The environment in which Bayern Munich’s center back was formed was a problem. Ahead of this season, the team formed a center back defense with world classes such as Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano, and Mathias the Licht, but the lack of numbers was a problem. As depth problems, which did not take into account injury variables, erupted from the beginning of the season, Kim Min-jae alone was burdened.

Like a monster, only Kim Min-jae maintained his physical strength, while Upamecano and The Ligt took turns and got hurt. Eventually, Kim Min-jae started every game. He continued to play the full 90 minutes. Even local media in Germany criticized Kim Min-jae’s abuse.

▲ Kim Minjae.

Shortly before the November A match, German media Sport 1 pointed out that Kim Min-jae is the only player consistently playing among the three defenders that Bayern Munich owns. “Kim Min-jae, who moved to Bayern Munich this summer, played 959 minutes out of 990 minutes that he can play in this season. He also played in all four group matches in the Champions League.”

Kim also played full-time in 15 consecutive games this season. From the match against Munich Glatbach on Sept. 2 to the match against Cologne on Sept. 24, he played full-time without a substitute. He even had an A-match schedule for the Korean national team. He was called up for the national team in September and October. He played four games alone. He also played in the preliminary round for the 2026 World Cup in North Korea and Central America in November. Considering the long distance traveled between Europe and Asia, he has more physical burden.

Despite the controversy, Bayern Munich continued to put Kim Min-jae in. This is because it exerts a great influence on its performance. The 15th round of the German Bundesliga and Stuttgart held on the 18th is representative. Two days have passed since the end of the game, not only Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and his teammates, but also German local media, statistics sites, and the official website of the German Bundesliga are focusing on Kim Min-jae’s performance.

Bayern Munich crushed Stuttgart 3-0 at its home game in the 15th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on Wednesday. Kim Min-jae flew in the air and defense line. He was perfect in defense, his main job, and he displayed great presence in offense to the extent that he could hardly be confused whether he was a defender or not. He scored his first goal since moving to Bayern Munich, leading his team to a landslide 3-0 victory.

In the match against Stuttgart, Kim Min-jae was light on his body from the start of the game. Kim Min-jae held out like a wall. After reading the direction of Stuttgart’s attack, he succeeded in blocking ownership immediately. With Kim Min-jae, Munich immediately switched to attack and drove Stuttgart. When the attack unfolded, he went up to the high line and handed over the pass as usual. Kim Min-jae, who has good build-up skills and plays the most passes in the Bundesliga, showed again how to deploy it as possible. In addition, his defensive commitment continued. In the 21st minute of the first half, he overcame the crisis with a defense that accurately turned his back against Pagnoman in the face of a one-on-one situation.

Kim Min-jae really shone in the attack. Every set piece participated in the attack and threatened with good provision. He contributed to the net. In the 24th minute of the first half, he reacted to the ball that Pavlovic raised to the door in a free kick situation. It was a very normal goal to jump high and score a goal with his head on it. However, offside was declared after a long VAR (video reading).

Even when viewed in a slow picture, it was a split second. Unfortunately, Kim Min-jae, who scored his debut goal, was not swayed much. In the defense situation that followed, he stole the ball from Pagnoman with an accurate tackle, continuing an amazing performance in offense and defense. As if to shake off the regret of cancelling the goal, Kim Min-jae cheered loudly for the fans after the tackle success, receiving even bigger applause.

After finishing the first half 1-0 in Munich, Kane scored multiple goals in a free kick from Davis’ left side in the 10th minute of the second half. Again, Kim Min-jae put his head on the free kick handled by Pavlovic. The ball fell in front of Kane, and he used his head to make it 2-0. We could expect Kim Min-jae’s help, but the Bundesliga secretariat, which judged that it was refracted after hitting Stuttgart’s defense, admitted that Kane scored alone.

In the 18th minute of the second half, Kim Min-jae again worked with Pavlovic. He connected a corner kick raised by Pavlovic with a header to score a goal. It was deflected off the opponent’s defense before entering the goal, but Kim Min-jae’s goal was finally decided because the first shooting direction was toward the goal. With this goal, Kim Min-jae roared for his first goal in a Bayern Munich uniform. Kim Min-jae often scores goals from set pieces. He was in the spotlight when he scored a series of headers in the early days of his joining the team as Napoli, and he also scored a goal in the Klinsmann team by connecting Lee Kang-in’s corner kick with a header against Vietnam in October.

Kim Min-jae’s concentration continued. Despite Stuttgart’s last offensive with Girasi, the second-highest scorer in the German Bundesliga, Kim did not get disturbed and blocked well. Stuttgart put in Jung Woo-young at the 32nd minute of the second half, having a frustrating time blocked by Kim Min-jae. Although the Korean derby was short, it ended with Kim Min-jae’s complete victory.

Kim Min-jae was also selected as the best player of the game (MOM).

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