Disciplinary decisions such as leaders, students, etc. who caused or neglected the suicide of youth soccer players, and the Korea Sports Association’s “Soccer Association Disciplinary Party.”

The Korea Sports Council also made a final decision to maintain or add disciplinary action to the Korea Football Association by holding the leaders who were identified as perpetrators of the Kimpo FC youth player’s suicide.

According to Yonhap News on the 18th, the Korea Olympic Committee recently held a sports fair committee to confirm the disposition of five people who were disciplined by the Korea Football Association in connection with the suicide of a teenage soccer player in April last year.월카지노

The Fair Trade Commission was held at the request of the Korea Sports Council, a higher-level organization, to reconsider, saying that the disciplinary action of the Korea Football Association, which oversees domestic soccer administration, was unfair. The bereaved family urged the sports association to raise the level of disciplinary action, saying that the action of the Korea Football Association was not enough, and the perpetrators argued that the existing disciplinary action was unfair.

The Korea Football Association, which finished its own discussions in June, imposed severe punishments on Kimpo’s former coach and coach, as well as Jeong’s team coach and fellow players at the time. At that time, former coach A of Gimpo was suspended for three years and former coach B was suspended for two years. Former coach C, who was responsible for managing them, was given a two-year suspension. Former coach of the middle school team D and then colleague E were given a one-year suspension of their qualifications. Suspension of qualifications is a punishment that prohibits all activities within the association’s jurisdiction.

The sports association recognized the effect of disciplinary action on the former Kimpo youth leaders. However, D and E accepted the bereaved families’ opinions and raised the punishment from one year to one year and six months of suspension.

According to the disciplinary decision, the sports association maintained its existing disciplinary action, saying that the charges against the former coach A, who received the biggest punishment, were recognized based on the survey data of other players. He said he taught the student while drunk at the time of his death, and judged that his words and actions at the time put considerable psychological pressure on him to kill himself. The sports association also saw former coach B’s management of the team as a kind of violation of human rights, and applied existing disciplinary measures to the two based on the logic that he had no choice but to hold former coach C responsible for management. In addition, based on the decision of the Sports Ethics Center, which was in charge of the first investigation of the case, and statements of the parties and officials, the sports association saw that E’s daily actions when he was with Jeong were a violation of human rights that insulted the victim. He also pointed out to former coach D that E’s failure to recognize his actions toward the victim was a failure to fulfill his responsibilities as a manager.

Suicide occurred in Kimpo’s U-18 team, but the two raised the level of disciplinary action, saying, “If you look at the contents of the suicide note, it should be interpreted that the experience in middle school adversely affected the victim’s psychology.” The sports association took effect on the 6th.

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