Park Ji-soo, the youngest 400 block milestone, was four years earlier than Lee Jong-ae, the ‘block shot queen’… and also looks at the ‘best ever.’

Park Ji-soo (25), who has surpassed 400 block shots in total, looks higher.

The Cheongju KB Kookmin Bank Stars defeated the Incheon Shinhan Bank S-Bird 84-63 in an away game against the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-24 Women’s Professional Basketball League held at the Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 15th. Having won nine consecutive games, KB led the league with 11 wins and one loss.

KB’s “Treasure Center” Park Ji-soo scored 31 points and 16 rebounds as a triple double-edged player with five assists. Then, he added one more block shot to set a new milestone. Park is the youngest player (25 years and 0 months) in history and has recorded 400 block shots in the smallest number of games (190 games). The 400 bullock shots are the fourth record in the WKBL history.

Park Ji-soo, who was recording 399 block shots before the game, blocked Iduna’s shot midway through the fourth quarter to complete the 400 block shot.랭크카지노

It is all the more remarkable because it is the youngest ever to play the game. The previous record was held by Lee Jong-ae (retired) who was 29 years old, 10 months old, and 197 games. Park Ji-soo, 25, beat Lee Jong-ae’s record by about four years. Lee Jong-ae, a center that dominated the era of women’s basketball in Korea, played in the business and professional leagues for 16 years from 1995 to 2011.

Park Ji-soo, who attended a press conference after the game, looked tired. He played in two days and suffered from Shinhan Bank’s initial offensive and intensive checks. As soon as the game was over, he attended a press conference and was unaware of the milestone he had set.

When he told them about the record, he was surprised and said, “We had only one block shot today. I heard for a while what kind of record we had, but I didn’t know it was a 400 block shot.” “Records are meant to be left in my footsteps, so I feel honored and good. It is meaningful that they will never disappear again,” he said.

Lee Jong-ae is the No. 1 block shot player in the WKBL history. Lee Jong-ae played 407 games and recorded 862 block shots. He thus recorded 2.12 block shots per game. “I will try harder to make 500 block shots,” Park Ji-soo said.

However, Park’s goal is higher. With the current pace, which has broken the youngest record, Park is likely to break the 500, 600, and 700 block shots, as well as Lee Jong-ae’s record.

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