“Here We Go” 6 months loan is imminent… Manchester United is leaving in search of a chance to play

Manchester United midfielder Donny van the Bake of the Netherlands is leaving in search of a chance to play. He has lost his footing in this season and played for only 21 minutes throughout all competitions, and is set to take a short-term loan to Eintracht Frankfurt. Van the Bake will be his second loan transfer after loan at Everton in January last year.월카지노

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on his social media on Wednesday (Korea time), “Fan de Bake is about to move to Frankfurt on a six-month loan. A verbal agreement has been reached,” adding, “A complete transfer option of 15 million euros is included. It is not a mandatory provision,” adding his signature “Here We Go” phrase.

Van der Bake’s departure from Manchester United during the upcoming winter transfer market was considered a foregone conclusion. This is because following last season, this season was also completely pushed back from the main competition, and as he was completely neglected by Erik ten Haach (53, Netherlands), he could not get a chance to play, he needed a rebound as the “great crisis” of his career came.

In fact, he has played in only one game since the opening of this season’s English Premier League. Since the opening of the EPL, he has not made the list of call-ups for five consecutive games, and he finally sat on the bench in the match against Burnley in the sixth round, but failed to participate. He played as a substitute in the match against Crystal Palace in the seventh round, but only two minutes were given. Since then, he has not played a single game.

It was not that different from a cup competition. Van de Bijk was not included in the final roster of 25 players in the UEFA Champions League, and he only played for 19 minutes as a substitute in the Carabao Cup in the English Football League. As a result, he played in just two matches in all competitions this season, and even that, he only plays for 21 minutes in total.

Van de Bake decided to leave Manchester United and actively pursued a transfer with his agent. In fact, he said, “I always want to play, and I like to play on the ground. Of course, I earn a lot of money from Manchester United, but money is not my motivation. As a soccer player, I want to play every day,” expressing dissatisfaction with the current situation and predicting a transfer at the same time.

Van de Bake is known to have backtracked on his recruitment to Barcelona in particular. In addition, he received attention from Nottingham Forest, West Ham United, Crystal Palace, AS Roma, Real Sociedad, and Galatasaray. However, he was linked with a “love call” from Frankfurt this week, and ultimately chose to transfer to Frankfurt on loan.

Van de Bake is a midfielder who played for five years after making his professional debut with Ajax in 2015 and wore a Manchester United uniform in the summer of 2020. It was considered the future of the Netherlands because of his excellent skills and potential when he was in the midst of stock prices. In particular, he was expected to be versatile enough to play offensive midfielders, central midfielders, and even defensive midfielders.

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