Seungri, it’s in my hand… Four people, four colors, foreign world

Foreign players aiming for the top spot in professional basketball are fiercely competing toward the mid-season. Depending on the playing style, the roles they contribute to the team are different, making it a box-office factor that delights the eyes of basketball fans watching the game. It is said that it depends. This season, teams with talented foreign players such as Wonju DB, Changwon LG, Busan KT, and Seoul SK are forming the top rankings. As of the 14th, 랭크카지노 these teams are ranked 1st to 4th in the regular league.The leading DB is Didrick Lawson, leading the team with an average of 23.1 points and 4.9 assists for the season. He has both offensive and defensive skills on the outside and is said to be versatile, with an eye for team play that helps his teammates. He has already recorded two triple-doubles this season and was also selected as the first round MVP.LG has the ‘rebound machine’ Assem Marey. Although his average scoring (17.2 points) is slightly lower than that of his competitors, he is posting 16.1 rebounds per game (1st place). Thanks to this, LG is gaining many offensive opportunities by pulling down 39.8 rebounds, the most in the league. Marey won MVP in the second round, where LG recorded an overwhelming record of 9 wins and 1 loss.Paris Bass, who made his first appearance on the domestic court this season, scored 23.3 points and 10 rebounds. He is faithfully fulfilling his role as KT’s main scorer. Guard Heo Hoon, who recently suffered a fractured nose bone, worked with them as a one-two punch before leaving the court. In particular, Bass is adding explosive power to KT’s perimeter attack by making 2.74 3-point shots, the most among foreign players.Jamil Warney (SK), who won the best foreign player award for the past two consecutive seasons, is also in good health. is showing off. His mid- to long-distance floater shot, in which he shoots the ball high toward the rim with one hand, is still considered the best weapon to neutralize the opponent’s defense. Pouring in 25.9 points per game, Warney is looking to finish as the top scorer for his third consecutive season.

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