Reflection, reflection, empty-handed finish in 2023… Jeonbuk’s scattered preseason tasks

Jeonbuk Hyundai defeated Bangkok United 3-2 in the final Group F match of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) on Wednesday at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

Jeonbuk finished the group with 12 points, the second-best of the five East Asian groups, and earned a spot in the round of 16. A loss would have been the worst possible outcome, but the dramatic come-from-behind victory saved the day.월카지노

This was the last game Jeonbuk would play in 2023. As it was the final game of the season, there was a lot of reflection on the year. This year, Jeonbuk finished fourth in the K League 1. It was their lowest finish since 2009. They also finished as runners-up in the FA Cup. Despite being drawn in an easy group and rated as a ‘honey pot’, the team was almost eliminated in the group stage of the ACL. With no clear team colors and no results, the team ended the season as ‘irrelevant’ for the first time in 10 years.

Coach Dan Petrescu, who was appointed mid-season, did not have a clear tactic or direction for six months. He was unable to utilize the quality of the squad he had, considering he didn’t have a preseason to work with. “I was cautious because I came in the middle of the season, and it’s hard to give a full picture in such a short period of time,” Petrescu said, adding, “I got to know all the players well. We need more interaction. We need to have a good preseason,” he said, emphasizing the need to improve in winter training. With plenty of time to prepare for the new season, the team will have one less excuse next season.

Song Min-kyu, a key player in the offense, said, “We have a lot to reflect on. It was a season that didn’t match Jeonbuk’s status. It’s unimaginable to not bring home any trophies,” he said, adding, “Playing with the Jeonbuk emblem is a big responsibility.” He urged the team to improve.

The biggest task in front of Jeonbuk is to improve the squad. This year, Jeonbuk failed in scouting to the point where they were criticized for being the worst recruiters in the league. In particular, foreign farming was a failing grade. Hapa Silva and Andre Luis, two of the team’s most important players, were prematurely cut, and defender Petrasek, who came in during the season, became a non-factor. This is the result of mistakes made by the previous manager, Petrescu, and technical director Park Ji-sung, who was in charge of player recruitment. Failure to recruit players is the root cause of the biggest spending spree in history. A thorough reflection and more careful recruitment is needed.

Jeonbuk is preparing for a big change. They need to fill the void left by Gustavo, who is out of contract, and Jun Amano, who is returning to Japan on loan. They’re already close to signing Daejeon Hana Citizens striker Thiago, and are also looking to sign a Japanese player. Andre Luis has reportedly reached a point where he can be cleared, but Hapa Silva and Petrasek have yet to decide on their futures. Once the existing players are organized, Jeonbuk plans to strengthen the team by signing proven foreigners from the K League rather than new faces.

At the game, Jeonbuk supporters chanted slogans calling for the resignation of CEO Heo Byung-gil. The atmosphere at the stadium is still unorganized. It’s a chaotic atmosphere that can’t help but affect the players. For so long that it’s hard to remember when it started, the public sentiment against Heo has been unrelenting. He is the man in charge of all results, whether it’s poor performance or failed signings. It’s hard to imagine a club that can’t unite the team, fans, and even the secretariat. It’s up to Heo to tackle the negativity flowing in and out of the organization.

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