MLB’s official SNS account is deeply interested in Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo. “MVP Rich”

Major League Baseball (MLB) also showed interest in the Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo couple through its official website.

On the 13th, the MLB official website announced, “Lee Jung-hoo, former MVP of the KBO League, has signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants. The contract is for six years and he will receive $113 million (approximately 14.84 billion won).”헤라카지노

As Lee signed a huge contract, interest in him is growing in the United States. In particular, there is a lot of interest in his father, Lee Jong-beom, who became the first father and son MVP in the KBO.

The MLB uploaded a photo of the two together on its official SNS on the 15th and wrote, “Lee Jong-beom, the first rich man to win the KBO League MVP, also has a great nickname. Lee Jung-hoo’s father, Lee Jong-beom, was nicknamed Son of the Wind, so Lee Jung-hoo is nicknamed Grandson of the Wind,” the MLB added.

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