Kwak Bin, who was praised for “Pulpas,” said, “APBC, who washed away worries, confidence that he can do better.”

The 2023 Golden Glove Awards ceremony was held on Nov. 11. The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) invited Park Chul-soon (67) to present the award in the pitching category. The winner of the pitching award was Eric Pedroia (NC Dinos), but Seoul Giants manager Kim Dong-soo, who was on stage with Park, asked him which pitcher impressed him the most. “Definitely Kwak Bin,” Park said instead of Pedi. This was from the OB Bears ace from the original 1982 KBO season.헤라카지노

Kwak Bin has led Dusan this season. With a 12-7 record and a 2.90 ERA, both his wins and ERA were career highs. “Senior Park Chul-soon is Bae Myung-go’s grandfather, and he is also a legendary senior of the Bears,” Kwak said in a phone conversation with us. “I want to follow in his footsteps as an ace in the Bears, but my skills are not yet up to par. I will work harder and perform better to become the junior who continues the lineage. I am always grateful to my seniors for remembering the juniors.”

Kwok Bin had a nearly ten-month journey this year, starting with the WBC, followed by the Hangzhou Asian Games during the season, the postseason, and then the APBC. It was eventful. He struggled at the WBC, and after a strong start to the regular season, was sidelined with an injury in May. At the Asian Games, he didn’t pitch a single game due to biliousness and a high fever. He gave up five runs in the first game to determine the wild card.

Kwak bounced back from his APBC disappointment with a strong performance. He started the final game of the tournament against Japan on March 19 and pitched five innings, striking out six and allowing one run. His team lost in extra innings, but he kept the game close.

“Considering my age, the APBC could have been my last appearance. I wanted to prove myself by pitching well in Hangzhou, but I was also disappointed that I didn’t win. I thought, ‘Let’s beat Japan once,’ and I wanted to show that our young players are just as strong. My pitches were unfamiliar to the Japanese players anyway, so I threw confidently.”

Speaking about his pitching in the final, Kwok Bin said, “I had my ups and downs, and I had my strikeouts (three), but I think I pitched well,” adding, “I tend to worry a lot. This season, I didn’t feel confident in the second half. My pitches were off balance,” he recalled. He said the APBC was a relief. “In the final game, I was able to throw my best pitches. It was a game that made me think, ‘I can do better next year. I think it will be an opportunity to fill my confidence.”

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