“I was assaulted,” Lim Hye-dong, “Then sue.” Kim Ha-sung… Signs of a prolonged battle for truth

The battle for truth between Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) and Lim Hye-dong (27), a former junior baseball player with the Nexen Heroes, is showing signs of prolonging. Objective evidence is hard to come by because the two men have diametrically opposed stories and the assault took place in a private location.

When Ms. Lim, who was sued by Mr. Kim, provided photos to some media outlets as evidence of the assault, Mr. Kim’s camp responded with a statement calling it a “clear falsehood” and warning of further charges. Ms. Lim’s side is also preparing a response.

According to police on Sept. 9, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul called Kim as a complainant on Sept. 6 and is currently conducting an investigation. Last month, Kim sued Lim, a junior player in the Nexen Heroes, for extortion and threats.

According to both sides, Kim and Lim got into a fight at a bar in Gangnam in 2021. At the time, Kim was volunteering at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games after receiving a special exemption from military service.

◇ Kim Ha-sung’s side threatened him using his military status as a ‘weakness’… Repeated even after settlement payment = Kim’s side claims that after the fight, Lim demanded money using his special military service as a weakness. He took advantage of the fact that he could serve as an active duty soldier if he got into trouble. The amount of money Kim paid in settlement was reportedly 400 million won.레모나토토 도메인

The law firm Choi Sun, which is representing Kim, said in a statement the previous day, “We demanded money in the form of a settlement by threatening Kim, taking advantage of his status as a soldier at the time, and paid the money on the condition that he would not contact Kim Ha-sung directly or indirectly or engage in any disadvantageous behavior.” It continued.

“Nevertheless, they have repeatedly violated the agreement by contacting him again, and we are filing criminal charges to prevent further harm.” In addition to the criminal complaint, Ms. Kim also filed a civil lawsuit and a foreclosure.

Hye-dong Lim’s side, the assault was not a one-time incident…she was also assaulted when she was a road manager = On the other hand, Ms. Lim’s side claimed that she was “assaulted” through some media. Ms. Lim has been working as a local manager to help Ms. Kim live in the United States and has been repeatedly assaulted during this time.

He also sent photos to some media outlets shortly after the assault. However, the authenticity of the photos is disputed.

In response, Kim’s representative said, “It’s not true at all that I habitually assaulted opposing players,” and “If my claims are true, I will have to file a formal complaint.” “We are also planning to file additional charges for the act of reporting fabricated evidence photos to the media.”

In response to Mr. Kim’s position, Mr. Lim is currently preparing a further statement with his legal representatives. Previously, Lim’s camp had hinted that they would fight Kim’s criminal charges.

Legal experts say it will take time to determine if Kim is guilty of “racketeering” as she claims. They will need to determine if there were any additional threats between the time of Lim’s settlement demand two years ago and now. Extortion is a crime in which a person threatens another person in order to obtain financial gain.

“A settlement of 400 million won for a simple assault is a lot in light of existing cases,” said Yang Tae-jung, a lawyer at Wilderness Law Firm. “They will have to take a deeper look at the phone calls and messages exchanged between the two.”

Police plan to call Lim in for questioning soon. The possibility of a face-to-face interview with Mr. Kim is also open.

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