Just like your own team… Ulsan, impressed by Fatoum’s special consideration, engraved on the whiteboard

Ulsan Hyundai was very grateful for the hospitality shown by BG Patum United after a difficult trip to Johor Darul Taqim. After the game, Ulsan cleaned up the locker room and wrote a thank you note on the whiteboard, making the trip to Patum a pleasant memory.

Ulsan Hyundai, led by head coach Hong Myung-bo, won the 2023-2024 AFC Champions League Group I Round 5 match against Patum United 3-1 at the Patum Thani BG Stadium at 7 p.m. (KST) on Monday. Goals from a defender in the 20th minute, Rubiksson in the 27th minute and Lee Myung-jae in the 16th minute gave Ulsan three points against a Phatum side that was held to a single goal from Igor Sergev in the 24th minute. With the victory, Ulsan improved to 3-3-2 in five matches and consolidated second place in Group I behind Kawasaki.레모나토토 도메인

Malaysia is about a seven-hour flight from South Korea. This is one of the longest trips in Southeast Asia, and the players are bound to be tired. Add to that the fact that the team was assigned a poor practice field, and the trip was not a pleasant one. It is understandable that Malaysia’s training facility infrastructure is not as good as that of neighboring Thailand, but the poor pitch condition of the practice field, which the players are bound to be sensitive to, leaves a lot to be desired.

Thailand is about a five-and-a-half-hour flight away. This is also quite a long way to travel. However, Ulsan left with good memories from their trip to Pathum Thani. When the Ulsan team arrived in Thailand on the 26th, they were able to quickly go through immigration procedures and reach their hotel thanks to the generosity of the Patum team. Maybe it’s because Thailand is a favorite training country for K League teams, but the practice field was excellent.

Not only that. PATUM didn’t just treat Ulsan as an ‘away team’. The most impressive aspect of the game was the public address announcer at BG Stadium. Even in Korea, the public address announcer is usually very pro-home team. For example, when introducing the home team’s players, the announcers are a bit ‘over the top’ to get the home fans excited, but the away team is introduced calmly or as simply as possible. However, the public address announcer at BG Stadium introduced Ulsan’s players as excitedly as if they were the home team’s pit crew.

It’s not just the public address system. PATUM had staff all over the stadium to ensure that Ulsan could play away from home without any inconvenience. The Ulsan officials were very appreciative of this gesture.

The players also showed their respect. After the 3-1 victory, the Ulsan players had a great time with the fans who traveled all the way from Thailand to support them. After taking a commemorative photo with the fans, the players waited until the end of the game before leaving the field. I wanted to say hello to the Ulsan fans. No one would have blamed them if they had just said goodbye to the home fans and left for the locker room, but they made sure to say hello to the Ulsan fans who had traveled all the way from South Korea to BG Stadium.

His love for Ulsan is also evident on social media. The team’s official social media accounts showcase a number of photos of Ulsan players arriving at the stadium and Ulsan fans traveling to the stadium to cheer them on. “The Tigers have entered the ring,” the team’s caption read, reminding Thai fans that Ulsan’s symbol is the tiger. It was the perfect example of ‘away team friendliness’ online and offline.

Of course, Ulsan couldn’t help but say thank you. Ulsan officials took to social media to thank Pathum on their way to the hotel to pack for the flight home.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to BG Patum for their smooth cooperation and best support for Ulsan Hyundai to play a good match today. We hope that we can face each other at a higher level next time,” along with a photo of a neatly organized locker room and a photo of a thank-you note written on the whiteboard in the locker room. Ulsan’s symbol, the tiger, and Patum’s symbol, the rabbit, were posted together as emojis, and the whiteboard had an in-house interpreter who spoke Thai, so the team could leave thank you notes in Thai.

The Ulsan fans who traveled to Thailand may have had a good impression of Patum, who wears similar team colors and has faced them several times in the AFC Champions League. The AFC Champions League is a great place to make new friends.

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