The fortune teller shot this team…Ohtani, not LAD-TEX-SF-BOS-SD

Local media outlets continue to speculate on the destination of free agent Shohei Ohtani, who is seeking the largest contract in Major League Baseball history.

In an article titled “Shohei Ohtani Bid Makes Yoshinobu Yamamoto a Wild Card for Most Teams,” New York Post columnist John Heyman named the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cubs as the “Big Three” in the race. “I’ve heard Ohtani likes Southern California,” Heyman said, “and the Cubs are a threat.굿모닝토토 도메인

Around this time, published an interesting story on May 25. They asked a psychic to predict which team Ohtani would sign with.

The reporter, Matt Monaghan, titled the article, “Where will Ohtani sign? I asked a psychic a while ago,” the story was published on May 25.

The psychic is a life coach and professional future predictor whose name is Shara Ogin. In other words, a “fortune teller.

He reportedly correctly predicted that Ohtani would sign with the Los Angeles Angels when he first traveled to the United States in December 2017. Ohtani had a shortlist of seven teams at the time, and while it’s unclear whether O’Ginn picked those teams or randomly selected them from a list of 30 without any prior information, it created a huge buzz.

“I wanted to ask her again,” Monaghan said, “and she said she didn’t pay attention to baseball at the time, but she was excited about her predictions.” “Thirty teams is a lot,” he said, “so I gave her my top eight picks: Angels, Dodgers, Padres, Mets, Mariners, Red Sox, Rangers, Giants,” he said.

O’Ginn gave her a day to think about it, reading one or two articles and watching a video about Otani’s free agency journey.

“I’ll see if I have any resonance with each team,” Ogin told Monaghan, “Dodgers, Padres, Red Sox, Rangers, none at all. I saw an article yesterday that said Ohtani could go to the Giants, but I don’t feel anything in my body. I don’t know what these teams are,” he said.

That means neither the Dodgers nor the Giants, who are often mentioned as the most likely candidates.

She went on to name the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners as two teams that could land Ohtani. Of the Mets, O’Ginn said, “That team is coming up. I definitely see a strong possibility with them, and I think that big city is headed to New York,” Ogin explained.

As for Seattle, “I think they’re a possibility, too, but I’m not sure why. I saw a ring, and I got a yes. Maybe it’s about money, maybe he’s comfortable there. People are comfortable with their current home and the environment they live in, and they will find a safe place wherever they are. So maybe it’s a team that works.”

Surprisingly, however, there was another team that she felt the most positive energy from. The LA Angels, an elemental team.

“The goal of the Otani spirit is to teach others that they can do anything to inspire and empower people to stand up,” Ogin says. At the root of this characteristic is an inner sense of duty, such as honor, responsibility, and service. So I see Otani as a caring, curious, and insightful person with strong ties to home and nurture. On the outside, she seems to have a strong veneer that makes it difficult to recognize what’s underneath, but underneath is a calm, sweet, and sensitive personality.”

“As far as why I leaned toward the Angels, family values are really strong. It could be your family, it could be your ancestry genetically. It’s the country you’re committed to, which is Japan. Similarly, I think there’s a sense of family in the Angels,” Otani said.

Ohtani has played six seasons with the Angels, and it’s no secret that he’s happy with everything about the organization except not making the postseason.

Ogin also brought up the issue of money. “I don’t think he’s going to choose a team because of money. I can see a few things. Who will offer him the most money? He’s not the kind of person who would make a decision based on money first. What’s important to him is things like honor, duty, and prestige. Leaving a legacy, and not just for himself. It’s really a legacy for his family, his team, the people he wants to raise. It’s basically for his country and the world,” he emphasized.

When Ohtani signed with the Angels in 2017, he also said that money was not an issue for him. “The timing of my entry into the major leagues was not about money, it was about having a career that would get me into the Hall of Fame as soon as possible,” he said. He also said he wants to “beat the Angels and win a championship.”

Monaghan said, “Don’t be fooled: Ohtani will either stay with the Angels or sign with the Mets or Mariners. I don’t think he’ll make that decision,” Monaghan concluded.

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