Lee Jung-hyeop’s desperate tribute to the craftsman who left for heaven with ‘Love in Gangwon’…I’m sure I’ll keep it

Lee Jung-hyeop (Gangwon FC), who cried profusely in a broadcast interview after the game, struggled to hold back tears in the official press conference.

Lee Jung-hyeop did not miss a pass from Kim Dae-won in the first 20 minutes against Suwon FC in the 37th round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 1 2023’ Final B at Gangneung Sports Complex on the 25th, but fell down inside the penalty area and scored. With a 2-0 victory, Gangwon became 10th with 33 points.

After scoring the goal, Lee Jung-hyeop burst into tears and stretched his arms toward the sky. Lee Jung-hyeop, a former national striker, has been devalued as of late due to his infrequent goals. It was a goal he scored from the heart, simultaneously dealing with his own frustrations and the passing of his father-in-law.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game. The players had been training for two weeks and what they had prepared for came out on the pitch and led to the victory. We had a lot of fans come out to support us in the cold weather, so we were able to win.”레모나토토 주소

Earlier in the day, Lee received news of the passing of his father-in-law. His father-in-law had been battling pancreatic cancer for nearly a year. He said, “Yesterday evening, I received a call from my father saying he couldn’t make it through the day. I was very worried. When I woke up in the morning, I got a call. I called my family. My wife told me that my dad wouldn’t want me to not play, and that I should be strong enough to play. I was able to regroup and play,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his wife.

Lee Jung-hyeop, who had many conversations with his father-in-law, said, “My father really loved Kangwon. He watched every game I played. I know he starts his day by watching sports news, and that’s how much he loves me. Even when I was injured and couldn’t play, he loved me enough to come home and support Gangwon. He would text me all the time, and it would give me a lot of strength without realizing it, so I think I admired and loved him for that,” she explained.

When asked about a memorable message, he said, “There are so many, it’s hard to pick one. When I met my dad the other day, he told me that the second thing he was proudest of in his life was meeting me, after giving birth to his daughter and son,” he said, unable to speak for a while.

Lee Jung-hyeop wants to support his father-in-law’s belief that Kangwon is a team that shouldn’t be relegated. He said, “My father supported and loved me. As long as I’m in this team, I’ll do my best not to be relegated,” he said.

Lee Jung-hyeop, who got married in August 2020, said, “My father-in-law has many teams in the K League, but Gangwon is his hometown (Gangneung). He loved Gangwon FC a lot. I gave him clothes that he didn’t wear, so when he was at home or on the field, he was always proud and wore them well. He was very affectionate. I want all the fans to remember him for those who love Gangwon. There are many things I want to say, but I feel like I’m going to cry. I want to say that even if I am born in the next life, I want to be my father-in-law’s son-in-law,” he said in his tribute.

Gangwon remained unbeaten in three consecutive matches (2 wins, 1 draw). Lee Jung-hyeop said, “I feel that the team is getting stronger every game. As we are in the relegation zone, the players seem to have a mental attitude of never backing down and giving it their all, even if it means falling down on the field. From the defenders, they don’t spare their bodies, make tackles and don’t concede goals, and the offense doesn’t forget their gratitude,” he said, emphasizing that the team is moving towards a united atmosphere.

After the game, the Gangwon players paid their respects to the bereaved family as a group. Lee Jung-hyeop, who lost his father-in-law who loved soccer, vowed to keep his promise to stay with Gangwon.

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