You can’t sell Tomiyas, the Munich transfer rumor! →”Arnal’s No. 1 replacement member” claims

Arsenal journalist Charles Watts took to his YouTube channel on Wednesday to claim that the club should not sell Takehiro Tomiyasu to Bayern Munich.

Earlier, Tomiyasu’s sudden move to Munich had been rumored. “Tomiyasu could be on his way to Munich,” German outlet Sport24 reported on Nov. 21. “Tomiyasu is scheduled to participate in the Asian Cup in January, so if he joins Munich, it will be next summer,” the media added.레모나토토 도메인

Tomiyasu is a versatile defender.

Since joining Arsenal from Bologna in 2021, Tomiyas has been more of a rotation player than a starter. He was originally a central defender at Bologna, but since joining Arsenal, he has played primarily at right-back. Last season, he struggled with frequent injuries, during which time Ben White made the switch to right-back and lost his place in the starting lineup.

However, there are certain advantages. He can play a variety of positions, including center back and right back. Watts also emphasized this point. “Tomiyasu is a very good player. He can play in any defensive position, so it’s no surprise that a top team like Munich would want him,” Watts wrote. “He’s Arsenal’s number one substitute and Arsenal’s 12th starter,” he added, emphasizing his importance.

This is a strength that Munich are well aware of. The Bavarians have been struggling with a defensive shortage all season. Their top two central defenders, Matthias Der Licht and Dayo Upamecano, have been in and out of the lineup due to frequent injuries. The only other healthy player, Kim Min-jae, has played 14 consecutive full games.

Add to that the departure of Benjamin Pavard to Inter Milan this summer, and the only other first-team quality right-back in the squad is Nusair Mazrouei. Tomiyasu, although Arsenal’s Rotay

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