2024 ML H.O.F. Candidate Announced → ‘Very likely to join Beltre’s first turn’

The 12 new candidates for the Hall of Fame, including 3,000-hit Adrian Beltre and “American Idol” Joe Mauer, have been revealed.

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame announced the candidates for the 2024 class on its official website today. Twenty-six in total.토토사이트

This is in addition to the 14 existing candidates and 12 new faces. Among the new additions, Beltre and Mauer are the most notable.

Also on the list are Jose Bautista, Bartolo Colon, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, Victor Martinez, Brandon Phillips, Jose Reyes, James Shields, Chase Utley, and David Wright.

Of the newcomers, Beltre’s induction is the most significant. Beltre spent 21 years in the major leagues, collecting 3166 hits.

He also hit 477 home runs and 1707 RBIs, and was a four-time All-Star. He also won four Silver Slugger and five Gold Gloves, as well as two Platinum Gloves.

Mauer also has a Most Valuable Player (MVP) honor that Beltre doesn’t have. In 2009, Mauer won the American League MVP award with a .365 batting average and 1.031 OPS.

The 12 new nominees will have another decade of eligibility. If they receive 75% or more of the vote, they will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If they receive less than 5% of the vote, they will be removed from consideration.

The existing candidates are Todd Helton, Billy Wagner, Andrew Jones, Gary Sheffield, Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Omar Bisquel, Andy Pettitte, Bobby Abreu, Jimmy Rollins, Mark Burley, Francisco Rodriguez, and Torii Hunter.

Of these, Helton, who is getting his sixth chance, is on track to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after receiving 72.2% of the vote last year.

Wagner, who received 68.1% of the vote last time, is also a lock for induction. Wagner only has two more chances left.

The last player to get in was Sheffield. He only received 55% of the vote in the last round of voting. Therefore, Sheffield’s chances of being inducted are slim.

The results of the Hall of Fame ballot for the players of an era will be revealed on January 24, 2024. It will be interesting to see if Beltre will be inducted at the first opportunity.

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