“Average height of 205cm” Ha Yoon-ki, Lee Doo-won, Bath Big Lineup, will it be KT’s secret weapon?

This season, Suwon KT chose Paris Bass (28, 207 cm) as their main foreign player. Her strengths lie in her outside game and her ball-handling ability. He also has a wide range of vision and can create for his teammates. He’s not a big man, but a versatile forward.

KT’s options for forwards include Ha Yun-ki (24, 203.5 cm) and Lee Doo-won (23, 204.4 cm). Despite being big men, they have excellent athleticism and mobility. They also have a decent mid-range shot and can sometimes defend foreign players. This is a great option to fill in some of Bass’ weaknesses.

In addition, KT head coach Song Young-jin envisioned a big lineup of Ha Yoon-ki, Doo-won, and Bass in the offseason. They have an average height of 205 centimeters. Together, they have a clear height advantage. It also takes some of the pressure off Bass’ defense, allowing him to focus more on offense. They also have speed, so there’s no reason for them to be out-mobilized.토토사이트

The first-round matchup between the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and KT in the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball League at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on November 11. KT, which has often used a big lineup since the beginning of the season, had fun with the combination of Ha Yoon-ki, Lee Doo-won, and Bass.

After struggling against Hyundai Mobis’ Gage Prim in the second quarter, KT brought out its big lineup in the second half. They put Lee Du-won in charge of Prim’s defense, while Ha Yoon-ki matched up with Ham Ji-hoon and Bass with Choi Jin-soo. With Ha and Lee defending the perimeter, they were able to win the rebounding battle, especially Lee, who didn’t have complete control over Prim but was able to defend him with his whole body.

With the burden of defense and rebounding off his shoulders, Bass was able to focus on offense, and he put on a show in the third quarter alone, scoring 14 points, including four three-pointers. With Bass spearheading the offense, KT took back the lead in the third quarter with a 25-15 run.

In the fourth quarter, KT continued to play a big lineup for the entire 10 minutes against Hyundai Mobis. Their shaky shooting allowed Hyundai Mobis to catch up, but their height advantage remained as they grabbed four offensive rebounds. Ha Yoon-ki and Lee Doo-won also scored valuable points with mid-range shots in overtime. KT won a thrilling one-point victory, 75-74, on Lee’s final free throws just before the end of regulation.

After the game, head coach Song Young-jin commented on the big lineup, saying, “We had a lot of unnecessary turnovers in the first half, and we lost the rebounds. We had good results in the second half with the big lineup. We did a good job of getting rebounds, and (Lee) Doo-Won played great on the perimeter defense. We definitely had a synergy in rebounding and defense,” he said.

“Even if they play an all-switch defense, we have an advantage because we can attack with our size under the basket. We also have good chemistry in terms of rebounding and defense, so it’s good to play together.”

Lee Doo-won added, “It’s easy for us to grab rebounds from each other. With three people standing on the backboard, on both corners of the floor and on the top, we can feel secure in our rebounding. With Bass taking the pressure off, the team exploded for points in the third quarter. (Ha) Yoon-ki and I told him to shoot confidently because we’re going to get the rebounds, and it paid off.”

KT had fun with their big lineup against Hyundai Mobis. If Ha, Yoon-ki, Lee, and Bass continue to improve their chemistry, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Watching them play together will be one of the most interesting things to see in KT’s games.

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