‘Body gags’ and skills are the best NC Park Seok-min ‘Goodbye now’

A total of 1,697 games played, a batting average of 0.287, and 6 wins in the Korean Series. He made
fans laugh with his spinning action after a missed swing.
He also caused trouble and was disciplined for violating COVID-19 quarantine rules.

Park Seok-min (38, NC Dinos), who delighted baseball fans with his outstanding skills and overaction at the plate, ends his 20-year professional career.

An official from the NC professional baseball club said on the 29th, “Seok-min Park announced his intention to retire to the club early this month. Although we were unable to discuss details because the team was in the postseason, we decided to accept Seok-min Park’s intention.”

Park Seok-min also decided that he could no longer help the team after being excluded from the first team entry due to an injury last July, and announced his intention to retire to NC coach Kang In-kwon and the club at the end of the season.

Park Seok-min, who joined the Samsung Lions as a first-round pick in 2004, was a top third baseman representing the KBO League. His first-team career records include 1,697 games, a batting average of 0.287, an on-base percentage of 0.402, a slugging percentage of 0.491, 269 home runs, and 1,041 RBI.

He won the Third Base Golden Glove Award in 2014 and 2015, and enjoyed the joy of winning the Korean Series five times in Samsung (2004, 2005, 2011-14) and once in NC (2020). Park Seok-min, who began his professional career in 2004, has been a starting infielder for Samsung since 2008 after completing his military service. Ahead of the 2016 season, Park Seok-min signed a free agent (FA) contract with NC for four years and up to 9.6 billion won, the highest amount in the KBO League at the time.

In 2020, he qualified as a free agent again and signed a 2+1 year contract with NC for up to 3.4 billion won. Park Seok-min, who played a leading role in NC’s first integrated championship since its founding in 2020, has since stepped down from his starting position.

Park Seok-min especially brought laughter to baseball fans by spinning around in a circle without stopping after a missed swing during his at-bat. Fans made fun of it and called it a ‘triple axel’,메이저사이트 but in reality, it was due to an aftereffect of an injury to the fingers of his left hand, which caused his hand to lose strength when making a follow swing. In any case, he entertained fans with his quirky and fun moves at bat and fielding. However, in 2021, the KBO League was suspended due to violation of COVID-19 quarantine rules and was punished.

Park Seok-min, who suffered from injuries and poor performance this season and had a batting average of only 0.193 in 30 games, eventually decided to bid farewell to the field.

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