K League 2 Jun-PO last car competition is fierce… Gyeongnam and Anyang win together

Gyeongnam beats Ansan to maintain 5th place in league
Anyang defeats Seoul E-Land 3-0 in home game

 The last-minute battle for rankings to advance to the semi-playoffs of professional soccer K-League 2 (Second Division) is fierce. Gyeongnam FC and FC Anyang, who are competing for 5th place, the Maginot Line for the semi-playoffs, both won.

Gyeongnam beat Ansan Greeners, the lowest ranked team in the league, 4-2 in the 37th round home game of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ held at Changwon Soccer Center on the 28th.

Gyeongnam maintained 5th place with 53 points from 14 wins, 11 draws, and 9 losses. The gap with 4th place Bucheon FC (54 points) has narrowed to 1 point.

With this, Gyeongnam continued its hopes of advancing to the semi-playoffs. The 4th and 5th places in K League 2 advance to the semi-playoffs. The winner of the semi-playoff will play a playoff against the 3rd place winner. The winner of the playoffs will face the 10th place team in Division 1 for promotion and relegation. The winning team of K League 2 will be automatically promoted to the first division. The 2nd place team will face the 11th place team in Division 1.

On this day, Gyeongnam took the lead thanks to Gleason’s first goal, but gave up two goals in a row to Ansan Yoon Joo-tae, allowing a comeback. In the 23rd minute of the second half, Gyeongnam tied the score at 2-2 with Jo Hyang-gi’s goal, then won 4-2 with goals from Lee Jun-jae and Song Hong-min.

FC Anyang, which is chasing Gyeongnam, also won on this day. Anyang won 3-0 in the match against Seoul E-Land held at Anyang Stadium on this day.

Anyang jumped from 8th to 6th with 48 points from 13 wins, 9 draws, and 12 losses. The point gap with 5th place Gyeongnam remained at 5 points.

The competition in the rankings with 7th place Chungbuk Cheongju (48 points) and 8th place Jeonnam Dragons (47 points) has become more intense.

Anyang won a complete victory on this day with consecutive goals from Kim Dong-jin, Gong Min-hyeon, and Kim Ha-jun.

At Asan Yi Sun-sin Stadium, where the Chungnam derby was held, South Chungcheong Asan defeated Cheonan City 2-0.

Chungnam Asan rose from 10th to 9th in the league with 42 points from 12 wins, 6 draws, and 17 losses. Cheonan remained in 12th place with 24 points from 5 wins, 9 draws, and 20 losses.토토사이트

Park Dae-hoon scored in the 15th minute of the first half and Kang Min-gyu scored in the 6th minute of the second half to lead Chungnam Asan to victory.

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