“It’s the most fun to throw like BK” Overcoming his father’s opposition, he becomes Kim Byeong-hyun’s doppelganger… Challenge to win the WS like Kim Byung-hyun in 2001

 “That was just the most fun.”

Ryan Thompson (31, Arizona Diamondbacks) is a rare sidearm in the major league. However, I think I’ve seen his dynamic delivery where he lowers his head a lot and extends his arms. He is similar to Kim Byeong-hyun (44, businessman and entertainer), who played a key role in Arizona’s 2001 World Series victory.카지노사이트

In reality, Thompson is living the life of a submarine pitcher by following Kim Byeong-hyun’s pitching skills. He made his major league debut with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2020 and moved to Arizona midway through this season. As fate would have it, Kim Byung-hyun wore the uniform of the team in which he was in his prime.

He also has good grades. He had 1 win, 2 losses, 4 holds, and an average ERA of 6.11 in 18 games in Tampa Bay this season. However, in Arizona, he pitched a salty pitch with 4 holds, 1 save, and an ERA of 0.69 in 13 games. It’s also good in the postseason. 1 win in 9 games, ERA 2.31.

As always, he was used in Game 1 of the World Series against the Texas Rangers on the 28th. He came on as the second pitcher after ace Jack Gallen in the bottom of the 6th inning with a 5-3 lead. He walked Jonah Haim with one out and gave up a heavy hit to Josh Jeong with two outs. However, the catcher fouled Leody Tavares with a 92 mph four-seamer.

The Statesman Journal, an Oregon media outlet, introduced Thompson’s story on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time). “There was nothing more interesting to Thompson than Byung-Hyun Kim. “Kim Byung-hyun was an overwhelming closing pitcher who deceived batters with his trademark submarine style while playing for Arizona from 1999 to 2003.”

“Thompson discovered that when he pitched like Byung-Hyun Kim from hundreds of miles away, his friends couldn’t hit his pitches. And Byung-Hyun Kim was Thompson’s favorite member of Arizona.” Thompson also said, “The entire 2001 World Series remains a great memory.”

However, Thompson’s father disapproved of his son’s form. He hoped to throw it overhand, according to the Statesman Journal. Still, Thompson couldn’t give up his submarine form. And he developed his current pitching form after receiving advice from his pitching coach at Western Oregon University. The pitching coach told Thompson, “The arm slot may look low, but give it a try.” Thompson also said, “It was logical. “The results came immediately.”

Although he was called a top side arm during his college days, things didn’t work out after his arrival in the major leagues. And he went all the way to the World Series as soon as he faced Byung-Hyun Kim’s team. In particular, in Game 7 of the Championship Series against the Philadelphia Phillies on the 25th, he earned a relief win by allowing no runs in 1⅓ innings. He was the relief pitcher that confirmed Arizona’s advancement to the World Series.

Arizona bullpen coach Mike Pettus said, “The angle he creates comes from behind the right-handed batter.” In reality, the arm is not visible in the field of vision of a right-handed hitter. Since the deception is good, it seems difficult for right-handed hitters to get the timing right. Coach Peters said, “Most pitchers’ pitches are within shoulder width of the batter’s (line of sight). But he goes far beyond that. “The deception he creates with his arm angle makes him quite effective.”

Arizona lost the first game in overtime, but its challenge to win the World Series for the first time in 22 years since 2001 is still ongoing. The Arizona bullpen had a side arm in the World Series 22 years ago, and it also has a side arm in this year’s World Series, 22 years later. The 2023 sidearm will grow up looking at the 2001 sidearm and try to make history for the club.

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