[if.preview] Jeju and Suwon, ‘acting manager system’, which team will escape the worst atmosphere?

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These two teams are having a truly terrible season. Who will be the team that will take the first step into the final round by winning this game?

Jeju United and Suwon Samsung will play the 34th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ at Jeju World Cup Stadium at 2 pm on the 22nd. Currently, Jeju is in 9th place with 9 wins, 8 draws, and 16 losses (35 points), and Suwon is in 12th place with 6 wins, 7 draws, and 20 losses (25 points).

# ‘1 win in the second half’ Jeju, now is the time to win

After 16 rounds, Jeju rose to second place in the league. At that time, no one would have predicted the team’s disastrous future. Afterwards, he only achieved one win from rounds 17 to 33. The only win was a 3-0 win against Suwon FC in the 26th round. In the end, director Nam Ki-il stepped down and the system was replaced by acting director Jeong Jo-guk. Even though the manager has changed, there is still no news of victory. Now it’s the final round. This is a time when news of victory is desperately needed.

Final B is a difficult score for Jeju to accept. Since the introduction of the final round method, Jeju has never missed Final A except for 2013 and 2019. Even 2019 was the season in which the team was relegated to K League 2. Fans were shocked by the unbelievable situation. After Final B was confirmed, fans expressed their disappointment and anger by shouting ‘Nam Ki-il get out’. Even when Collider asked for a word, the director ignored him and went back. Ultimately, fans’ trust in the coach hit rock bottom, leading to a replacement of the coach.

The role of Choi Young-jun, the core of the midfield, is important. If he plays in this game, he can set a record of appearing in 300 K-League games. His season has been rough. He suffered a right knee cruciate ligament injury in the opening match against Suwon FC in the first round. As a result, he was sidelined for over eight months. Choi Young-jun, who currently serves as the team captain, has a great sense of responsibility. He expressed his will for the final round and his love for the fans by saying, “I really want to continue to bring happiness to the fans in the final round.” Jeju will hope that his dedicated play will help the team.

# ‘Fallen family’ Suwon, K League 1 cannot give up

Suwon remembers last year’s K League promotion playoffs. In the match against Anyang, the game went to overtime and won 2-1 with Oh Hyun-gyu’s winning goal. With this game, Suwon barely confirmed its stay. Suwon fans would have hoped for a new rebound this year, escaping last year’s nightmare. However, contrary to fans’ wishes, this year they were unable to escape last year’s nightmare. Last place in the league, 3 manager changes, this is Suwon’s reality. It was hard to believe that this was a prestigious club that had won the K League 1 championship four times.

The biggest problem is the incompetence of the front office. 카지노사이트Recently, Suwon fans’ hanging messages are full of phrases criticizing the front office, not cheering. The content is diverse, including lack of communication with fans, lack of player reinforcement, and noise during the manager replacement process. The peak was the dismissal of coach Kim Byeong-soo. A person who had taken charge as a coach under difficult circumstances and had shown his will to remain by shaving his head was suddenly kicked out. In the process, he lied to the media that it was a voluntary resignation rather than a dismissal. The fans are suffering greatly from Suwon’s front office, which shows only the worst.

After a combination of bad news, the regular round ended in last place, and the final round began. Still, there is hope. They won 1-0 against Pohang in the 33rd round. They succeeded in spreading red pepper powder on Pohang, which maintained second place in the league and was competing for the championship. It was Acting Manager Yeom Ki-hoon’s first win and a valuable win in 6 games since the 27th round. With this, Suwon started the final round on a good note. Suwon wants to continue this energy until the last game of the final round.

If there is a variable, it is Lee Jong-seong’s colon. He was sent off against Pohang in the 33rd round and cannot participate in this game. Lee Jong-seong was reborn as a key player under acting manager Ki-hoon Yeom’s system. Currently, coach Yeom Ki-hoon is forming a midfield with Lee Jong-seong, Kim Bo-kyung, and Kazuki. Among them, the stability of the midfield was increasing by placing Lee Jong-seong in the third line. Filling his void can be said to be Suwon’s key task in this game.

It is a match between two teams that are falling apart. One loss could lead to relegation. A battle between two teams trying to avoid relegation. Who will win and achieve their goal?

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