A ‘massive’ reorganization took place, seven Hanwha players were released, most of them players with low experience.

The Hanwha Eagles have begun a large-scale reorganization of the team. 

Hanwha announced on the 21st, “We have decided to release 7 players to reorganize the team. Those subject to release include Lee Jae-min, Jang Woong-jeong, Chun Bo-woong, Lee Seok-je (pitcher), Won Hyuk-jae, Lee Jung-jae, and Ko Young-jae (outfielder).” . 

Among the seven players, those who appeared on the first team stage were Jang Woong-jeong, Lee Jae-min, and Won Hyuk-jae. 

Woong-Jeong Jang allowed 11 runs in 15 innings in 6 games, Jaemin Lee allowed 8 runs in 2 innings in 2 games, and Hyuk-Jae Won recorded 2 hits in 21 at-bats in 11 games last season.

In particular, among the players who were notified of their release this time, all five,메이저놀이터 excluding Jang Woong-jeong and Won Hyuk-jae, are players with less experience in their first or second year of joining the team.

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