[Game Briefing] Coach Song Young-jin’s two targets for ‘excluding Bass selection’

Leading scorer Paris Bass was excluded from the starting lineup. Director Song Young-jin’s goal is clear.

Suwon KT will play an away game in the 2023-2024 JeongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League against Changwon LG at Changwon Gymnasium on the 21st. This is the first game since new coach Song Young-jin took office. Director Song Young-jin said, “I feel a good sense of tension. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said, expressing his thoughts ahead of his managerial debut.카지노사이트

KT selected Choi Chang-jin, Jeong Seong-woo, Han Hee-won, Ha Yoon-ki, and Michael Eric as starters. What really catches the eye is that Bass was excluded from the selection. Bass was the main scorer who raised expectations by playing an average of 26.7 points and 7.7 rebounds in three games in the KBL Cup competition.

There are two major reasons why coach Song Young-jin selected Eric as the starter instead of Bass. First, it is defense against LG’s core power, Assem Marey. Coach Song Young-jin said, “The key is to stop Marey. “I thought Eric would have a better understanding of how to block than Bass because he has experience playing head-to-head in the A-match and Turkicye League,” he said.

Marey is a top foreign player in the KBL who has shown dominance under the goal and kick-out ability for two seasons, but his main attack route is on the right. Free throws are also a weakness. His career free throw success rate is only 52.4%. Coach Song Young-jin said, “We need to use cooperative defense appropriately. “He has prepared to allow a certain amount of left-side attack, but we will have to wait until he enters the game to find out,” he said.

The second reason is schedule. KT will play an away game against Seoul SK on the 22nd. It is a tough back-to-back match that takes place from Changwon to Seoul.

Coach Song Young-jin said, “Considering the back-to-backs, there is an aspect of adding bass later. It is a burden to meet strong teams one after another from the beginning of the season. “If Eric holds up well in the one-on-one match today (the 21st), we can have a good game and continue the trend even into the game against SK,” he said.

Meanwhile, rookie draft pick Moon Jung-hyun prepares for his debut game on the bench. Director Song Young-jin said, “We plan to use it later after considering the situation. “First of all, the role of the 93 trio (Choi Chang-jin, Jeong Seong-woo, and Han Hee-won) as starters in the first game is important,” he said.

*Best 5
KT: Choi Chang-jin, Seong-woo Jeong, Hee-won Han, Yoon-ki Ha, Michael Eric
LG: Jun-seok Yang, Won-sang Yoon, Hong-seok Yang, Hee-jae Jeong, Asem Marey

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